Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness … All Crap?

The below video says it all. America's "Justice System" is the lowest rated in the industrialized world. There is no life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness if your government is doing all it can to put you in jail, break up your family, take your possessions, destroy small business, completely eliminate small family farms, and spy on you to make all this possible.

The below is from the Russia Today Network, probably more honest than any mainstream US media. Medea Benjamin of Code Pink is interviewed. I met her in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the NCMR Free Press Event, June 2008, and very much enjoyed all that she had to say. [Video I shot of Medea and Code Pink, 2008]

No Justice for All: Hand of law heavy in 'Warfare State'?

If you blog critical of a politician, such as Republican Governor M. Jodi Rell, you are considered more dangerous than Al Qaeda, the KKK, White Supremacists, the Taliban, the PLO, the Black Panthers, and criminals who would sodomize an 11 year old, rape a mother and daughters, and burn a house down during a home invasion [that story].

Was the Dr. William Petit family made unsafe by police and courts concentrating 24/7 on bloggers, not criminals? Why would a blogger get 2 cruisers following him, or her, around 24/7, in pairs burning huge quantities of gasoline and tax dollars, emails hacked, phones tapped, and police informants paid tax dollars to harass, terrorize, and set him, or her, up for false imprisonment and loss of the sum total of their life's work, not real criminals who are a danger to society, not to an out of control government?

Steven G. Erickson, Ken Krayeske campaign manager for the Green Party and a journalist, and divorced father Chris Kennedy, were on an arrest on sight list in 2007, not terrorists, known gang members, drug dealers, dangerous criminals, or anyone who should be on the list. Should Free Speech in America result in you being Blacklisted and arrested on sight, losing everything, and being railroaded to prison?

Text with video:
SvenVonErick | January 11, 2010

Secret Police memos obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, scroll as a pdf in video. Police aren't interested in members of the KKK, skinheads, hate groups, actual criminals, and others. They're after journalists and bloggers critical of government. The police are actively out to false arrest anyone on the list. With false arrests sometimes comes prison. So political prisoners are being held in the US. There is no mention of terrorists, mainly Steven G. Erickson, Ken Krayeske, Chris Kennedy, and those who are journalists, bloggers, or who just wrote letters critical of public corruption and police misconduct and brutality in the State of Connecticut.

US President Richard M. Nixon had an enemies list for dealing with political rivals and those with "Big Mouths". Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell seems to think the same way. Target citizens for political reasons and see to it that they are ruined, arrested, and left penniless facing prison. More information:


To all US legislators, is the above the country that you want to leave to YOUR future generations?

stevengerickson AT yahoo DOT com

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A substitute teacher who was issued a laptop with possible computer viruses, lost her baby while pregnant, and faces, or faced, decades in prison, for the laptop having a pop up showing porn. Should this woman face life in prison for this "offense"? At the time this blogger was sentenced to a year in prison for resisting being mugged and stabbed on his own property, a rapist of a 3 year old on probation got no jail time. Current America might be best described by the Julie Amero saga (click on title for post):

The continuing nightmare of Julie Amero

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