Saturday, October 09, 2010

No requirement for police to "Protect and Serve"

Police officers will tell you that they aren't required to do anything for you. Arresting a perpetrator of a crime is merely a request of police. If you are mugged, police might refuse to take your complaint and tell you it is a civil matter, and you must sue the mugger in small claims court. You must know the name and address of the criminal to sue. Well, it seems that now even small claims court judges can recuse themselves if they don't feel like deciding a case or if you're "blacklisted by the system", and courts don't even have to bother sending an answer if a case is held, even a more than a month later.

Imagine being sexually assaulted and harassed at work. Imagine being ripped off. Imagine having your life threatened, where you have to move out of your home. Image having police refuse to do anything. Imagine then suing in small claims court over these matters, and the case can be put off 3 times, and then the court doesn't even bother to send a response over a month after the case is finally held. I don't have to imagine. Check out the 5 minute audio recording in [this post].

Police can, and will, arrest you for your testing free speech, if you make a police or judicial misconduct complaint, if you get "mouthy" in newspapers, or if you attempt to redress grievances by contacting elected officials. Judges will jail you for these "offenses", the court hearing, promptly held.

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