Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NSA’s Special Department to separate US Gov from 9-11?

The above photo found in this article:

Is the NSA keeping track of all those who talk about 9-11 and the NSA? Why would the US Government need a special task force to make it look like it had no involvement in the staged "attacks" occurring on September 11, 2001? Were the attacks really a Coup d'état? Why is the US Government expanding by leaps and bounds when the tax base can't support it?

Is 9-11 proof positive that the courts in the US no longer operate for the people, if they in fact ever did? Is 9-11 proof that all major investigations into wrongdoing in the US are rigged?

I apologize for the 10 second or so advertisement at beginning of video.

LT. Eric Shine really lets the cat out of the bag in the audio clip embedded in:

The author of Kenny's Sideshow blog is tireless in exposing the lies from 9-11, and on. His latest post:

and the one after that:

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Should citizens be stopped at borders and catalogued for the books they read? Is this just more proof of a worldwide police state?

I'd work with these guys:

Making Independent Films - Paul Verge on The Corbett Report (1/3)

Text with video:
corbettreport | October 11, 2010

Researcher and independent filmmaker Paul Verge of DivergentFilms.com joins The Corbett Report to discuss his research, his films, and how others can get involved in the process of creating non-commercial, rational, fear-free independent films. For more information, please visit the Divergent Films home page:





Should the average US Federal employee receive more than $123,000 in annual pay and benefits in a tanking economy? Should the US Government and their swarms of contractors continue to grow geometrically:

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