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The Orange Men, The KKK, and Founding Father James Wilson?

This picture is probably somewhat unrelated to the theme of this post. I thought it good for effect, and it came [from here] keywords: vril society ufo moon base nazi

There have been movies, there is much talk on the internet, and some inquiring minds want to know what is the connection to the Free Masons, the US Founding Fathers, The New World Order, secret societies, offshore bankers, and what is currently happening in the world. Writers of [The Da Vinci Code] could have a field day with writing a fictional account of real history, ingredients below. This post is expanded [from here].

The above pic, and webpage cut and pasted below was found:
Note: the background is white and the text was white from the website. I had to highlight the text in blue to view. Was it an attempt to hide the text from web surfers? I posted the below because some of the symbols in the badges could be related to James Wilson and his origins.


  • 01/06/02The Pride of the Hill F.B. Carnmoney have just recieved their new uniforms.In a contrast from their usual style, the new uniform consists of navy trousers with a single red stripe, navy tunic with collared neck ( with red and silver trim) and navy and white peaked cap.We have also changed our band badge which consists of a circular crest topped with crown.In the middle there is a red hand with a green map of N.Ireland behind it. Around it are the flags of the orange order, St. Andrews cross, Ulster flag and Union flag
  • .

Above new band badge.

  • Pride of the Hill F.B. caught in sectarian attack.
  • On Friday 21st June 2002 The Pride of the Hill F.B. took part in the annual Tour of the North Parade. The parade organised by North Belfast Districts of The Belfast County Orange Order alternates Bi-annually between the Shankill/Woodvale area ( on odd years ) and The Oldpark/Tigers Bay areas ( on even years ).
  • The parade started at Clifton street Orange Hall and although there was heavy rain it did not dampen our spirits and we where also delighted to see so many spectators out to support the parade, even in such bad weather.
  • The parade has in recent years, been forced to re-route by the government's unelected quango, The Parades Commision, who gave into the threat of I.R.A./Sinn Fien violence rather than upholding the rights of the law abiding citizens of North Belfast, who have walked the original route for years without causing trouble.
  • The parade, following its untraditional route, made its way along York Street and then to Duncairn Gardens. As it crossed Noth Queen Street there was a heavy Police presence,where on the New Lodge side some I.R.A./Sinn Fien workers stood waving irish tricolours and shouting bigotted insults.This was not a surprise as convicted I.R.A murderer and bombmaker Gerry Kelly had already issued his threat of violence earlier that day in local news bulletins.Although what happened next came as no surprise everyone including the P.S.N.I should have anticipated it.
  • The Gertrude Star F.B. (East Belfast) taking part in a previous T.O.T.N.

  • As the procession made its way along Duncairn Gardens, we watched as Orange Order Marshalls, under order from Police Chiefs, ushered crowds of supporters to the Tigers Bay side of the Road, while the Police stood on the New Lodge side to form a barrier. Then a non-stop hail of Bricks,Bottles,Stones and Slates rained down on the Orangemen, Bandsmen and supporters from behind the so-called peace-line in the New Lodge area. People ran for cover as the Police stood with the protection of houses at their backs, and looked on doing nothing.Women and children where being attacked and the best the forces of law and order could do was to protect themselves. An Orangeman asked an officer what they where doing to stop this and the officer replied, "i'm not sure if we have any police in there".

Above : Police look on as parade is attacked.

This was a blatently orchastrated attack by I.R.A./Sinn Fein on people expressing their culture , but more dangerous, was the fact that the police had no presence in the New Lodge to stop this bigotted attack. It has all the same policing tactics that where used on the Lower Newtownards Rd. when Protestant homes where attacked and five people shot yet the police did not enter the Short Strand.

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James Wilson (Orangeman)
From Wikipedia [url]

James Wilson was the founder of the Orange Institution, also known as the Orange Order.

After a disturbance in Benburb on 24 June 1794, in which Protestant homes were attacked, Wilson appealed to the Freemasons, of which he was a member,[1] to organise themselves in defence of the Protestant population.

The Masons refused, so an indignant Wilson left them and prophesied that he "would light a star...which would eclipse them forever". He had already organised the "Orange Boys" at the Dyan in County Tyrone in 1792, as is evidenced by the notice in The News Letter on 1 February 1793 which referred to a meeting of the 138 members of the Orange Boys held on 22 January 1793. The three main founders were James Wilson, Daniel Winter and James Sloan.[2] It was named to commemorate the victory of the Protestant William of Orange over his father-in-law the Catholic King James II at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690 during the Glorious Revolution.

[edit] Notes and references

  1. ^ "James Wilson was probably the most influential of the founding fathers of Orangeism and was an ardent Freemason. Respected Orange historian R.M. Sibbett records, 'Wilson was a member of the Society of Freemasons, which fully qualified him for establishing a new Order of a secret character.' The Orange Order, from the Evangelical Truth website
  2. ^ "James Wilson and James Sloan, who along with 'Diamond' Dan Winter, issued the first Orange lodge warrants from Sloan's Loughgall inn, were masons." The Men of no Popery, The Origins Of The Orange Order, by Jim Smyth, from History Ireland Vol 3 No 3 Autumn 1995

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Mostly unrelated, this blogger has gotten the most amount of death threats after posting the below video, pictures, and text "Connecticut's Memorial to Terrorists":

The video shot late Summer, 2007:



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