Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Secret Societies and Street Gangs

LAPD photo [found here]

Why not replace the words "Secret Societies" with "Street Gangs" for the sake of a debate? A street gang will commit crimes collectively and will protect its own members, but is more about continuity, even at an individual member's expense. The secret societies and groups of friends conspired to become a separate country. These individuals were considered traitors and criminals of the highest order in Great Britain.

The corporate elite and bankers have figured out how to take almost complete worldwide control. They are no different than a street gang with soldiers on the street, just bigger, better funded, more covert, and are everywhere in the world.

The courts are rigged, police guard the system, and we the people are left holding the bag. These people will continue to rob, rape, beat, torture, and murder at will until enough people stand up to them.

[This] is a sign of the times.


Are police more interested in 24/7 surveillance and harassment of bloggers before they'll target rapists, drug dealers, and other vermin criminals? Is free speech more of concern to authorities?:



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