Friday, October 29, 2010

Suspected UPS Toner Cartridge Bomb

Stock photo of a toner cartridge

The story is being carried live on CNN right now, and I assume is also on other networks. The authorities will immediately test the device as an explosive. If a plane was blown out of the sky, the debris would be tested for explosive residue as a matter of procedure. My thoughts are on how come no debris related to the 3 buildings that "fell" from fire were not tested for explosive residue?

The spooks can't pull another 9-11 type event. Too many people would be collecting evidence. The government couldn't just quickly remove the evidence, guard it, and then destroy it the next time. They have to switch up their black ops mode of operation for a whole new idea to terrorize the populace.

Hearing "Al Qaeda", "Al Qaeda", "Al Qaeda" just pisses me off. Al Qaeda was simply a CIA program, up until 9-11, or even continuing. Insider Sibel Edmonds seems to spell that out. [video and text, scroll down in post]


My Friday, pre-election rant:

I, Steven G. Erickson, believe all of this is possible because all courts and policing is rigged for the insiders. From my latest personal experience, I brought about a small claims case last year, I can see it even more clearly.

I had to serve the individual, a Vermont used car dealer, 3 times, the case was delayed, and delayed. Other salesman working for the dealer were also ripped off for thousands, also male/male sexually harassed, and they too, took the used car dealer's threats of being beaten up or murdered seriously. They informed me that the car dealer had hired heavily tattooed thugs to come up from New York City to kill me. My former neighbors in Putney, Vermont, told me there were people actively looking for me. Brattleboro and Vermont State Police didn't seem interested in doing an investigation or doing any follow up calls after I made the complaint. Making a false statement to police is illegal. So, their silence says something.

When I finally got a court date after much time, the judge recused himself just before the hearing. Another hearing was scheduled at the Newfane Vermont Small Claims Court over the Brattleboro car used car dealer case. Just before that hearing, that judge recused himself. Then just shy of 2 months ago a hearing was actually held, the court has not yet sent me an answer to the case, and when I called the clerk of the court, she said a judge can take as long as he wants to answer a case so I have to wait. Do you see a pattern? Information on that case:

In the mid 1990's I was attacked by a Stafford Springs, Connecticut, powdered cocaine dealer, Peter Panciera. He told me to leave the area, as I was well known by criminals in town and their partners in crime, the cops, for co-founding the Stafford Springs Crime Watch. I dialed 911 after Panciera picked me up by my neck beat me about my face and then bit into my ear. When police arrived I was bleeding down my neck to my underwear. Pancieara fled the scene because he was holding a huge amount of cash and drugs. Witnesses told police they didn't know who attacked me in their statements to police.

Stafford Police Officer Frank Prochaska "re-investigated" the case, the witnesses then changed their stories, suddenly remembering "their friend" and then said I had attacked Peter Panciera, unprovoked, bullshit! That still doesn't explain my face beaten in, and the bite into my ear where I bled down my neck and chest to my underwear. I was arrested in front of my wife, a former European lingerie model [picture], at my home. I faced a year and a half in prison for this "offense". I had refused to get a lawyer, so I was able to get the case nolled, as I did have a lawyer to rig the case behind my back after I paid him, or her, tens of thousands of dollars to defend myself.

Should any citizen in the United States of America, lose their job, their home, their children, their credit, life savings, to be permanently estranged from most friends and family, serving a prison sentence because a drug dealer bites their ear?
That is how ridiculous YOUR US "Justice System" is. [Another example of how ridiculous]

Upset with the constant Keystones Cops bullshit, and rigged civil courts in Connecticut, I wrote Bush [this letter, scroll down in post], 9-15-01, and got word back that Bush actually read it. Police got a copy of the letter days after, and commented to me personally, "... leave the State, or you are going to get arrested and go to prison."

I then had a different druggie violent felon Connecticut State Police Confidential Informant at each of my properties threatening my life, leaving threatening voicemails, telling my tenants that I was to be killed, and chasing me into my house, keys in hand, knowing that if either violent felon caught me out in my yard and beat me, I'd get prison for the "offense".

Connecticut State Police had refused to protect and serve. A Somers Connecticut Police Officer told me that if he helped me, he'd lose his job, as I was "on the list", and could only be arrested and prosecuted, not helped. 10-11-01 I was attacked on my property. I pepper sprayed my knife wielding attacker after being jumped in my dark driveway after a double shift of work. Only I was arrested and received a year in prison for this "offense".

At the same time a man already in trouble got probation for raping a 3 year old. My tenant, a father of four, caught his wife cheating on him. He was on probation, kicked a guy's door in, committed a home invasion, beat the guy breaking his nose causing facial disfigurement, beat his wife and dragged her home. My former tenant was even violated on probation for this. An Ellington bartender on probation tested 8 times dirty for hard drugs and alcohol, then attacked a man while drunk because the man had talked to the bartender's girlfriend, police arrived to him jumping on top of the man, almost beating him to death, breaking his jaw, causing facial disfigurement. Again, at the same court, the bartender wasn't even violated on probation, as jails at that time were too overcrowded, dangerous, and unsanitary to send more citizen in.

So, I was sentenced to a year in prison for resisting being mugged on my own property, using pepper spray!


email: stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot Com


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