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US "Fusion Centers" for Domestic Spying and Citizen Abuse

I found the below video on [this blog]

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ctblogger | September 30, 2009

Ken Krayeske fusion center interview

Kenneth Krayeske was critical of Republican Governor [M. Jodi Rell] in his blog. Rell's staff runs google alerts for Rell's name. Those who are critical of Rell in blogs have their names sent to the Connecticut State Police. I was critical of Rell in this blog. A Stark Raving Viking blog post was printed out and sent to police. My name was then placed on the Connecticut State Police Secret Enemies Arrest on Sight List. If I had shown up in public in Connecticut at the time Ken Krayeske did, I would have been arrested on sight, and treated probably even more roughly than Krayeske. The "Terrorist Threat" is overrated if the top threats in a state of three and a half million are two bloggers critical of a governor in their blogs.

What kind of country has the US become?


I contact my Vermont Federal legislators on this issue:

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Our crap US Justice System will allow the big corporate bankster banks to foreclose on houses that are already paid for. Are elected officials for corporate banksters, or are they for us?


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SvenVonErick | October 24, 2010

More info: http://thesrv.blogspot.com/2010/10/fo...

Corbett Report podcast # 156

Max Keiser, Alex Jones, and others are guests talking with James Corbett


This blogger's email: stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot Com


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During Ronald Reagan's watch, the US officially became a drug dealing economy.

If there are no real checks and balances left in the US, we are under armed occupation. The below video is the "101" for mainstream media propaganda in "War Zones". Are we getting similar news in the US while under armed occupation?

Grenada invasion, 'The big lie' of US media

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RTAmerica | October 25, 2010

Before the Iraq war there was Grenada, 27 years ago the United States sent 7,000 troops to invade the tiny country. The US media hyped up the invasion and made it appear necessary that the US invade to get rid of Cuban occupiers. Author Glen Ford says corporate media continues to prove how it can better spread war propaganda.


Grenada has almost the identical population to [Fargo, North Dakota]. Under Ronald Reagan, the world sees the Corporate Bankster Imperialist Nation "Colonize" yet another part of the world. What could a little island nation really have done to warrant a full scale super power military invasion?

Grenada was about to export "terror", you can hear Reagan showing us all what was to come in the below video.

Invasion of Grenada blueprint for Iraq

Text with video:
RTAmerica | October 25, 2010

27 years ago today, 7,000 U.S. troops invaded a tiny island nation of 95,000 under the guise of fighting an imminent communist threat. The reality was a brutal invasion and a high human cost because of the US's use of overwhelming force against largely unarmed civilians. But in many ways, the invasion of Grenada was a litmus test for post-Vietnam War interventions and imperialism—a legacy that lives on today in the Iraq War.

As former head of the CIA, George H. W. Bush may have been the biggest drug lord, "The Kingpin", for cocaine in history. Was Panama invaded because the dictator on the CIA cocaine dealing payroll reneged on payments for drugs due Bush?

COCAINE COWBOYS part 4 of 13

Text with video:
badboykillfreshout | April 06, 2010

The film explores the rise of cocaine and resulting crime epidemic that swept the American city of Miami, Florida in the 1970s and 1980s

Yes, the invasion of Afghanistan was about the CIA cornering the world's heroin market.


What's going on worldwide with the real power behind the US Government? Is it a worldwide Parker Brothers game of "Monopoly" or is it "Risk"? As long as the US is sending soldiers out to catch bullets, be exposed to depleted uranium radioactive rounds, and absorb bombs in areas of occupation, they can't just pay soldiers with what they eat. If the US Dollar tanks, troops would be paid in military meals "ready to eat", MREs. So, as long as the US is out being an imperialist dick, the dollar won't completely tank.

US leading economic world war

Text with video:
RTAmerica | October 25, 2010

Despite the truce that G20 countries made this weekend agreeing not to devalue currencies to tackle financial imbalances, some fear the US has been long involved in a currency war. The US has waged well-known wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Yet some say it is also waging a lesser-known battle that is just as costly and much larger in scale.



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