Thursday, October 07, 2010

US Taxpayer funded propaganda and censorship?

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If you're even accused of sexual assault, or a sex crime involving a child, should a lawyer get all or the majority of your assets and cash? Should you have to plead out to a lesser crime just to avoid a long jail sentence? Once arrested, police don't want to be sued for false arrest. Guilty, or innocent, the system can grind you to a pulp. Citizens never in trouble before, just wanting to retire, enjoying the fruits of their lifetime of labor, are realizing, the more and more desperate, and evil, US Government, Policing, and Court System is very willing to descend on anyone, anytime. Harold's story, with video narration:

If you have 20 million dollars in cash and assets, lawyers are willing to put a hold on 20 million dollars, figuring their fees could reach that amount. That story:



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