Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Alex Jones: WikiLeaks credibility skyrocketing

Image of Julian Assange [found here]

Text with below video:
RTAmerica | November 29, 2010 | likes, 8 dislikes

As people continue to decipher the thousands of US sensitive documents that were released by whistleblowing website WikiLeaks, what will the end result be? Many people believe it shows the government is doing a good job of protecting its citizens and doing the right thing. However, others are saying the documents are incredibly damaging to the US. Radio Host Alex Jones says it will take time to go over all of the documents but most of the information is not a big surprise.

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Video compilation post:




Bill O'Reilly of Fox News Channel, "The O'Reilly Factor", lampooned and more:

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks lampooned in this video:

The above video series and more, found:


I link to this post on Opednews.com, check out video links to the History Channel [Here]

Video of Alex Jones talking about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange [found here]

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts talks about the FBI creating a Police State in a video embedded [here]

Keywords for Post: Does the US Government Goon Squad need to shut down Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.org to prevent the site from releasing 9-11, September 11, 2001, NSA, CIA, FBI, and US Government alleged complicity with Israeli Mossad for the corporate/bankster enslavement of Americans and citizens of the world. Would there be wars of occupation in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, and other countries without the conspiracy of the US Pentagon to loot trillions from US taxpayers diverting investigations and prosecutions with 9-11?

[click here] for:

Did the FBI bomb the World Trade Center in 1993?


Author David Swanson breaks it down in an efficient way:


A People's Grand Jury System could help fix the rigging of the courts and Police State mentality of government.


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