Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Joys of Independent Film Production

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I recently worked on a Hollywood type, full movie production in Massachusetts. Cameras were on trolleys, there was full accompaniment, and I got to yell, “Rolling, last looks, cut, quiet on the set,” etc. Back to my point …

We live in strange times.

Acquiring skills that can be used for work and networking anywhere in the US, and even outside the US, is a good thing. I would rather write, be behind the camera, help edit, get financing, and help manage an Independent Film Production. But, if I can work as a carpenter helping build sets, and get paid, I’ll do that. There are vast amounts of knowledge that can be gained by just signing on to a gig and work as a, “Production Assistant”. It doesn’t hurt, either, being listed in the credits …

I’m acquiring new skills, now, in case, in the one in ten, plus or minus, probability that I live, semi-retire, and work outside the US. One, can't lose acquiring a greater skill set.

But, until the possibility of leaving or staying in the US comes, I will continue making connections in the Northern outback of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Upstate New York for lodging, the growing of organic food, learning more about farming, and in just hanging out in scenic locals. I also have made some interesting connection in California, New York City, Boston, other parts of the US, and world regarding interest in somehow collaborating in independent film, writing and performing local plays, and in setting up a small independent news network based on youtube type short videos … and longer ones.

There is the possibility that I will end up in Washington, DC, New York City, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Boston, Providence, or some other local to live, temporarily or longer, and/or to work with film.

Why am I writing this? Well, some of you I talk to. I am just making the statement that I’m serious, and for others, if you’re interested, contact me.

stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot Com


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