Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Little People enabling Corruption

Image stolen [from here]. No, I'm not calling government, legislative, police, and court support workers, midgets and dwarfs.

Clerks, assistants, and workers in State Judicial Branches, in Police Departments, in the Courts, and in Government are often aware of felonies committed by higher ups. That is a crime. Covering up the crimes of higher ups should not be the norm, it should be the exception.

If the support staff had to worry about being prosecuted for not turning higher ups for felonies, and if the support staff were actually prosecuted for these offenses, maybe the system would start to clean itself up.

Currently, it seems that federal and state investigators help go after whistleblowers and “Big Mouth” citizens who expose public corruption, not the officials who are committing crimes against taxpayers.

Once you are [blacklisted] you will not get any police protection and service, they’re out to arrest you, using their police informants to set you up, make false statements for your false arrest, or even pay them tax dollars to beat you up or kill you [example]. The riggers of courts will make sure you get know justice or action in courts, just abuse, delays, your case thrown out in civil court, or if you end up in criminal court on any charge you are going to get the maximum punishment, fines, and probation and are likely to get prison.

Should an American “Justice” System now have more in common with Stalin’s former USSR than anything envisioned by the founders of the US? Elected officials, may have little interest in actually serving their constituents once in office, but let me remind them, we are at a historical turning point, how do they want to be remembered in history, as enablers, partners in crime with the organized criminal banksters, and operatives for out of control corporations, or for the people, turning the tide?

Is the US Government monitoring you to keep them, the government, safe from prosecution for public corruption and other felonies?:

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This blogger's Rant on the Subject:

It has been 2 months and a day since my small claims case was actually held, delay after delay, in Vermont. I still have not received an answer from the court as to their decision in that case, more than 2 months later. Did my blacklisting prevent the court from actually giving me an answer for this case?:

stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot Com

A little history of Connecticut Public Corruption, State Police misconduct and brutality, and rigged courts:

Resist being mugged on your own property, a lame attorney such as Stafford Spring Connecticut area Attorney Michael H. Agranoff can charge over $17,000 and you can get prison, a criminal record, and continued abuse after police refuse to protect and serve BEFORE the incident?:

I was so upset with police refusing to protect and serve, I wrote Bush 9-15-01, got a response that he read the letter, and was attacked on my property 10-11-01. Letters and more info:



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