Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Obama’s Long Day on the Trail, Cowboy Lube

Photo found in [this thread]

Barack Obama, I can't see this guy having what it takes to manage a McDonald's fast food restaurant.

How much is the puppet Obama selling America to China and India for? Who are the real puppeteers pulling Obama's strings? Are they offshore corporate banksters, banking on the downfall of America for further windfalls? The Federal Reserve, a private corporate bank, and other international organized crime banks, make more money loaning money to crashed economies and for wars. It is the interest on the loans that enslave us. They steal from us, then charges us high interest to pay back the money that THEY stole from us.

Why isn't there a national, border to border, sit down strike until we throw off the yoke of slavery, and quit being raped and ripped off daily by our own, supposedly ours, US Government?

End the Fed!

Text with below video:
RTAmerica | November 08, 2010

As President Obama embarks on his 10 day trip to Asia - his longest trip outside the US since he took office, he focused on job creation and an economic partnership that he believes will help America. Obama announced a $10 billion deal that will reportedly bring around 50,000 jobs to the United States. President Obama talked about India's strategic importance in the ongoing war on terror.

President Obama sells America to Indians

If the below is Barack's porn mother, I'd like to ask Obama, "Who's your Daddy?"

Direct link for below video of stills of Barack Obama's "Porn Mother":




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