Friday, November 05, 2010

Patriots within the System

Things are bad enough, that even the most informed, hardened, caring, and aware folks in State and Federal Government, the FBI, NSA, CIA, IRS, law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, court workers etc. are starting to realize it’s their skins that will be hung out to dry eventually too. There has been mostly silence from the inside for us outsiders, nobody wants to rock the boat, but when the ship is sinking, someone has to yell first, “Man the pumps!”

It is time to clean out the bad apples, the whole barrel will smell much better.

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Background to why I posted the above:

Chris Kennedy testimony against Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan in Connecticut:

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Gov Bad Apples Stealing Your Children

Text with video:
SvenVonErick | November 07, 2010

More info:

Audio is from the Corbett Report, Robert Arther Menard documentary, Paul Verge, "Bursting the Bubble of Government Injustice"

James Corbett hosts pod cast #159. A documentary on government and court abuse of citizens is included, the audio. It is about abuse going on in Canada, but I can hear similar abuse in the US and with the DCF Department of Children and Families in Connecticut.

If you have children, have been in court, are getting divorced, or are divorced, if you lost your kids for no reason to the abusive legal system, I recommend listening to the entire podcast.



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