Monday, November 29, 2010

Why no massive outrage for Toll Takers and Divorce Court?

Image stolen [from here]. I image search googled "Traffic Frustration" and the above image about Boston Massachusetts Logan Airport traffic came up as one of the search results.

Image stolen [from here]

Life and death, and simple questions have become more apparent to me. I’ve lived in the outback of Vermont and New Hampshire and realized that public corruption. and the US Police State, extends up there too, but with not with as many goons for the lesser populations. Some questions came up for me this past weekend.

I am working off a 5 story scissors lift and use a forklift that goes up 6 stories on another job. My life. and that of others, hangs in the balance with inches, awareness, unstable loads on pallets, and the condition of the equipment. A flat quickly developed on the scissors lift when I was using saws and other construction equipment up in the air. The lift became unstable and does not want to operate when it is “off-level”.

So, life’s little annoyances took on different meaning. I am not used to waiting 3 hours in traffic, and spending over one hour just to pay a toll.

There were literally thousands of people in the same line. The State I was in stole hours from each of those people in line for dollars in a toll. What I had to pay in tolls is what I spend on eating for an entire day, when living in the outback of Vermont and New Hampshire.

I am not saying whether I am in New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland, or elsewhere, as I have gotten death threats after [this case] was fixed in Vermont Small Claims Court by an individual who alleges he is Greek organized crime. He, himself, isn’t Greek, he is probably Canadian and some sort of mentally ill, and just married into an unsuspecting family. The case could also have been fixed because I am [blacklisted] for having advocated Civilian Oversight of Police and Court Reform.

Back to my point.

I could not understand why there wasn’t outrage from everyone in line, just to pay tolls. An hour of our collective lives, stolen and wasted. How much productivity for work, and/or enjoyment of life was robbed by the state from all those people? Why aren’t each contacting the state, asking for the tolls to be taken out? A sideline of the Lawyer and Judge Mafia is Divorce Court and abuse you if you have children, for the length of their lives until they are adults and sometimes longer, for more, and more, Americans is the rule, not the exception. You take it day after day, with saying little to nothing to those responsible for changing it, so your silence must signify acceptance, right?

I still have a beard from having lived in the outback. I was pulled out of traffic by police in the City, making what they called a, “Random Stop”. Being annoyed, not scared, tells police I’m not a terrorist. I was pulled over twice in the outback, not cited there either. I am sick of my time and money being randomly stolen by the real terrorists as I believe 9-11 was an inside job.

Writing here, seems to be doing less, and less, I intend to appeal to the 30 second attention spans in higher quality videos and feature film in the not so distant future. Your silence signifies acceptance of the tyranny of the New World Order, if you’re angry write a letter and send it to those responsible, call, email, write your legislators, and repeat.

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Understand how, and why, Fictional Money is printed by Private Banks for the issue of Loans, [click here] and watch "Money as Debt" documentary. Yes, banks can just print up fictional money.

I also enjoyed a video by Jim Corr, "Message to the people of Ireland," that I saw favorited on the James Corbett Report [youtube account].




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