Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Real Terrorists Sell Influence Using their Former Positions

The photo immediately below, and the one above of Former US Attorney General John Ashcroft and Michael Chertoff [found here]. Both are either lobbyists, or selling their insider status to corporate/bankster interests. Ashcroft can, or could be, allegedly, bribed for his influence, in cash, right in his Washington, DC lobbyist office. Chertoff is using his former position to get rich abusing Americans as much as possible with body scanners.

The below is what our government is giving us after making us "safe" raiding our pockets until we have no more.

Infowar @ LAX - Informed or Ignorant, Facing The TSA Challenge

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framingtheworldprod | November 30, 2010 | likes, 0 dislikes

TSA Bodyscanners - "Will We Comply?"
Framing The World Productions

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Does Eliot Spitzer, Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, and others sell their influence to lobbyists, corporate/banking interests, and rig the courts for the abusers?:


"The Ugly American Regime"

US spies on UN

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RTAmerica | December 01, 2010 | likes, 1 dislikes

The US assumes presidency of the Security Council this month, under an arguable dark cloud of distrust. According to documents released by the whistle-blower website Wikileaks, American diplomats have been running a sweeping spy campaign against UN officials since 2009. As the end of 2010 draws near, the US' position on the world stage has come into question.


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