Saturday, December 11, 2010

US Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on CSPAN

Image of Bernie Sanders with interesting post [found here]

I caught Bernie Sanders on CSPAN in the early AM today on the Government Channel, CSPAN. The tag for the broadcast was "Today" meaning, probably, Friday. Sanders talked about the banks now being able to charge 79% interest, how they're spending billions of dollars of our money to lobby politicians to further rip us off, the biggest banks are getting bigger, their insiders are getting even more pay and bonuses, and it really is just plain disgusting.

Sanders laid it out bare on CSPAN. Our US Government does know. So, are they for us, or are they for the banks that ripped us off? Sanders says that the banks grew on our money, are bigger than ever, and gouging us after ripping us off like never before. It is time for you to stand up. Pay to save the banks and then get screwed and enslaved. Are we stupid, people?

Sen Bernie Sanders: Greed & Foreclosure Crisis

Text with video:
bravenewfoundation | February 23, 2009 | likes, 5 dislikes

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) discusses greed and the foreclosure crisis, and calls for a "new Wall Street" during a recent conversation at Brave New Studios in Culver City, CA. Produced by Brave New Foundation. We must put a human face on the foreclosure crisis affecting millions of families. Go to

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