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Censored Jesse Ventura

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TheAlexJonesChannel | January 05, 2011 | likes, 5 dislikes

Censored Jesse Ventura Show On FEMA Camps Survives On You Tube
January 5, 2011

We urge you to watch the videos below because they might not be around for much longer. Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory show about the police state and FEMA camps, which TruTV never re-aired because of constant government harassment and pressure, has already been memory-holed and is now under threat of being removed from You Tube as well.

The show covers the takeover plan and what they don't want you to see -- how martial law is being implemented in America. Get these videos now and share them before they disappear forever.

During his last appearance on the Alex Jones Show, Jesse Ventura confirmed that TruTV was forced to pull the show from their schedule due to government threats.

FLASHBACK: "Police State" episode of hit Ventura show covering FEMA camps pulled from air

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura and his crew at Conspiracy Theory have blown the FEMA camp issue wide open in a truly groundbreaking episode from the program's second season on TruTV. The "Police State" episode proves once and for all that the feds have trained to take on American citizens, planned for riots and disasters and made preparations to maintain order at any cost. Tune in this Friday, Nov. 12 at 10 PM Eastern/ 9 PM Central and leave the denial at the door.

This powerful episode is the largest and most in-depth investigation into FEMA camps to date-- and it is scheduled to air on television. Radio host and filmmaker Alex Jones returns to the series yet again, as the team takes you to confirmed on-the-ground facilities, confronts the legislators who authorized FEMA camps and breaks down the full-scale technologically-integrated police state that includes Fusion Centers, FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security and more.

At one of many real and verified FEMA locations, Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones approach a "Residential Center" run by Homeland Security in central Texas where they find locked doors, double-fences and escape warnings around the entire perimeter. Further inside the facility, they witness a playground complex, swings and slides for children. The crew walks up to the front door and attempts to get some answers. But the officials refuse to either confirm or deny the facility's purpose, including whether or not American citizens are being held inside. However, our past investigations into this facility reveal that it has confined both children and adults, including immigrants, refugee seekers and American citizens.

DHS Threatens Trutv, Sends Jesse Ventura's 5 Episodes to The Memory Hole - Alex Jones Tv

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Wayne Madsen: Gladio Reprise, More False Flag Operations - Alex Jones Tv 1/2

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TheAlexJonesChannel | January 04, 2011 | likes, 3 dislikes

Alex will cover the latest on several key issues including birds dropping from the sky over Louisianna, the economy, an assault on pension funds, the latest in the war on terror, and more. Investigative journalist, author, and syndicated columnist Wayne Madsen joins the show to talk about Operation Gladio.

The corporatists and fascists who have steered Europe into bankruptcy are now using their media assets to morph their favorite threat over the last two decades — Islamist terrorism — to a combined menace of Islamist terrorists teamed up with an international network of anarchists. The change of threat was necessary with corporatists and fascist-led governments in Europe besieged by workers and students who are militantly opposed to severe cuts in social spending that were dictated from supranational institutions in order to financially bail out greedy bankers and their lackeys in governments.

In Greece and Italy, where governments are under street pressure to resign over corruption and austerity moves, there are already signs that the paradigm shift from Islamist terrorism to leftist anarchism is already occurring, with highly-suspicious and likely false flag bombings taking place at embassies and other facilities.

Europe has seen such false flag terrorist attacks in the past blamed on leftist revolutionary groups like the Italian Red Brigades and the West German Red Army Faction, but actually carried out by a network of CIA and fascist operatives, supported by local police and intelligence agencies, to blame leftists for such attacks. The operation, known generally as "Gladio," was a ploy to damage the reputation of the Communist parties of Western Europe in order that they were not invited to join in any leftist government coalitions, particularly in Italy and France.

Gladio has raised its head again in the last decade, especially in Turkey, where the Gladio successor, "Ergenekon," has attempted coups and plotted and carried out false flag terrorist attacks in an effort to undermine the Justice and Development (AKP) government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Wayne Madsen: Gladio Reprise, More False Flag Operations - Alex Jones Tv 2/2

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Am I a Turd in a Punchbowl?

Former Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and now current US Connecticut US Senator. Is he even more corrupt than corporate bankster enabler and bribe take, former Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd? Is Blumenthal part of the cover-up of [this]?

Note: The below post, and this blog, is not Anti-Semitic

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