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The Continuing US War on the Pakistani Average Person

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There are US military drone airplanes used for spying on, and killing, Pakistani citizens. There are rich mineral and other resources in Pakistan. The world corporate bankster drug lord cartel also wants what is in Pakistan. They're are glad to use US taxpayer money to enslave yet another country's citizens and add to the already 1000, or so, US military bases for world domination. Want to know more about the military bases, etc, find my recent posts with James Corbett Report videos in them.

I have heard little US reporting on the supposed US Diplomat who shot Pakistani citizens and is claiming diplomatic immunity. The world is watching. They care even if most US citizens don't. This issue might just show those who are paying attention to where things are really going, and how fast.

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LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Wednesday claimed that Interior Minister Rehman Maik told him that the federal government was going to give diplomatic immunity to Raymond Davis, the US consular employee who shot dead two Pakistani men in Lahore.

Shahbaz said that in response, he told the minister that Davis will be taken to court.

The chief minister was talking to the media in Islamabad. He asserted that the federal government should have come out in the open on whether Davis had diplomatic immunity or not on the very first day. He stated that the Punjab government will not compromise on the sovereignty of the country.

Shahbaz questioned what diplomatic duties Davis was carrying out at a busy area of Lahore. He also said a diplomat cannot carry weapons on the streets and kill innocent unarmed civilians.

Decision about immunity

Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) Chief Chaudhry Shujahat Hussain said the federal governmnet should decide about diplomatic immunity to Raymond Davis as soon as possible.

In a statement, the PML-Q chief said that the PPP government should show responsibility by taking its decision as per the law.

He also said Raymond Davis can compromise with the grieved families under the Qisas and Diyat Ordinance.

PPP core committee meeting

Members of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) will hold a meeting in Islamabad today (Thursday) to take a decisive stance on the Raymond Davis issue.

The meeting termed as the PPP core-committee meeting and will be held in the Presidency. Federal Ministers, senior PPP leaders and former core committee members will attend the meeting.

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Soldier of fortune: did Vice President Dick Cheney steer $7 billion in Iraq war contracts to his old pals at Halliburton?(Letter From Washington, D.C.)


Michael Mobbs's June 8, 2004, briefing of a House committee staff included one very surprising moment of testimony. Mobbs, a special adviser to the under secretary of defense for policy at the Pentagon, was on the Hill to discuss what the staff of Vice President Dick Cheney might have known about the multibillion-dollar government contracts awarded to Halliburton and its subsidiary KBR to rebuild infrastructure in postwar Iraq and to house and supply U.S. troops stationed there. It was one of the smaller questions at the edge of a potential scandal involving the vice president. At the time Mobbs testified, KBR (formerly Kellogg, Brown & Root) was the nation's biggest single recipient of government funding for military logistics and reconstruction, and not only had Cheney been the CEO of its parent company for the five years before he was elected vice president, but the no-bid process by which Halliburton and KBR has gotten their Iraq contracts had been put in place by Cheney while he was Secretary of Defense, from 1989 to 1993. Considering all this, Democratic members of the House Committee on Government Reform, led by California congressman Henry Waxman, thought it well within the scope of reasonable congressional inquiry to ask if anyone on the vice president's staff had been involved in awarding the contracts.

The vice president didn't find it so reasonable. He had already addressed the matter on NBC's Meet the Press nine months before, telling Tim Russert: "Since I left Halliburton to become George Bush's vice president, I've severed all my ties with the company, gotten rid of all my financial interests. I have no financial interest in Halliburton of any kind and haven't had now for over three years. And as vice president, I have absolutely no influence of, involvement of, knowledge of in any way, shape, or form of contracts let by the Corps of Engineers or anybody else in the federal government."

Following the interview, Department of Defense officials confirmed that Cheney's office had nothingto do with the contracts. Then, Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request, and when the DOD refused to comply with the request, the public-interest foundation sued and obtained files that included an e-mail from regional director for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Stephen Browning stating that …

[source for more]

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Chevron Fined in Ecuador Over Pollution in the Amazon

US oil firm Chevron hаѕ bееn fined іn Ecuador fοr thе pollution οf rivers аnԁ rainforest areas. Thіѕ comes аftеr a lengthy officially authorized battle thаt hаѕ bееn taking рƖасе fοr ѕοmе years. Thе fine, estimated tο bе $8 billion wіƖƖ bе appealed bу Chevron.

chevron amazon Chevron Fined in Ecuador Over Pollution in the Amazon

People supporting thе fine (more thаn 30,000 Ecuadorians) claim thаt аѕ a upshot οf thе dumping οf millions οf gallons οf toxic materials, crops bе inflicted wіth bееn hυrt аnԁ animals kіƖƖеԁ. Population οn thе οthеr hand hаѕ experienced аn boost іn thе case οf cancer patients.

Thе examination against Chevron ѕtаrtеԁ іn 2003. Environmentalists аrе hoping thе case sets a precedent οn hοw governments need tο play a role against thе actions οf thеѕе oil firms. Thе need fοr companies tο follow thе anti-pollution standards іn developing countries mυѕt nοt bе underestimated.

Chevron released a statement, іn whісh thеу don’t οnƖу ѕау thаt thеу wіƖƖ appeal thе сhοісе, bυt bе inflicted wіth аƖѕο called thе ruling “illegitimate аnԁ unenforceable”, adding thаt іt іѕ “thе product οf fraud (аnԁ) contrary tο thе legitimate methodical evidence”.

[source of above]

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