Thursday, February 24, 2011

James Corbett interviewed on the Alex Jones Show

James Corbett, Corbett Report, Japan [info with pic, source]

More, and more people are being exposed to the wisdom put out in [Corbett Report podcasts and videos] found on his website.

Will the puppeteers of the US Government throw chaos into the power grid, water and sewer systems, public transportation, and government/court/police control of us, in our faces?

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TheAlexJonesChannel | Feb 23, 2011 | likes, 6 dislikes

Alex also talks with independent journalist James Corbett, editor and webmaster of The Corbett Report, an online multi-media news and information source, since 2007. His forthcoming book, Reportage: Essays on the New World Order, will be available this year.

James Corbett: The Nwo's Eugenics, Social Engineering Plan for Global Domination Revealed 1/2

2 of 2


[click here] for collection of videos to go with:

Lindsey Williams and a History of the Oil Robber Barons

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Slide in about 5 min, and you'll be memorized by the audio clips.

This is a James Corbett Report audio podcast found here:

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This week we explore the myriad ways that governments and corporations are tracking, databasing, monitoring, logging, recording and generally spying on your every movement. Is there any hope for personal freedom in the technological surveillance society?

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