Friday, February 25, 2011

The "Japanese CIA" and Re-Militarization?

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Unrelated to theme of post, photo, was found by Image Googling term, "Japanese Spy", Warning! Photo was [found here], link goes to nude pics and sexually explicit material.

James Corbett, or the Corbett Report, lives in Japan. According to his bio, he's a Canadian National living in Japan. His listed occupation is "English Teacher".

Mr. Corbett, a man, gaining respect internationally for his independent style of the delivering historically referenced teaching, current events, and a seemingly unbiased form of commenting on stories others won't, and their deeper meaning, might just be calling an air strike on himself by reporting on what goon activity Japan is up to. Is his reporting, now, too close to home? Only time will tell.

-Steven G. Erickson

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Linsay Williams interviewed by Alex Jones [video]

Alex Jones loses his mind over Justin Bieber [video]

30 Ways you are being spied on [video]

The Rand Corporation and the New World Order [video]

Corbett Report podcast # 160 uploaded to liveleak, Google Youtube video censored the video by removing it. [podcast video found

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Welcome back to - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in alternative news and open source intelligence. This week:

Story #1: Cablegate Shows Japan Set Up Secret Intel Unit to Spy on China
Background: 'Gold Warriors' - Sterling Seagrave on Black Op Radio
Update: Portland's Joint Terrorism Task Force Decision Delayed Until Next Month

Story #2: US Admits American Arrested for Murder in Pakistan Worked for CIA
Update: Pakistan's ISI Ready to Split With CIA
Update: Two CIA Contractors Spirited Out of Pakistan
Update: CIA Spy Sparks Conspiracy Palooza

Story #3: Rahm Emanuel Elected Chicago's First Jewish Mayor
Background: Meet Rahm Emanuel

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Previous Episode: Pentagon Sued, Big Brother Alert, Machine over Man?

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Alex Jones interviews James Corbett:

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Rahm Emanuel, Israeli Toadie?

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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts talks about Julian Assange being assassinated by the CIA if the rigged case against Assange does not produce the desired results. Video:

Should Bradley Manning be in jail for trying to expose war crimes of fellow soldiers? Shouldn't those suspected of war crimes be prosecuted? Why would corporate banksters at PayPal want to suspend Manning's legal defense fund? Isn't that a little Soviet-style justice?

If Wall Street Organized Criminals stole about 40% of global wealth, why hasn't even one of them been arrested for the theft? Amy Goodman of Democracy Now interviews Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi about his story on the subject. [Video and transcripts]



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