Sunday, March 06, 2011

Does Hillary Clinton want US Tax Dollars to spew worldwide propaganda?

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Hillary Clinton recently went to Congress to ask for additional funding to support the United States' efforts in providing global news. However, what happened to real and valid reporting domestically? Georgetown University Professor Chris Chambers says the corporatization domestically of American news has thrown out the need for news gathering and real reporting in exchange for punditry and sensationalism.

America's info (propaganda) war

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Did Hillary Clinton have one of her New York US Senate constituents jailed for 6 months for exposing public corruption, judicial misconduct, and Hillary Clinton's involvement in the rigging of courts and US elections? Well ask Elena Sassower:

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Elena Sassower blows the whistle on Hillary
Clinton, corrupt lawyers and judges, and lets us know what needs to be done to clean up our US courts.

Judges appointed Bush as President. He wasn't elected.

Hillary is seeking the Presidency the same way, fixing the courts.

If there are not ethics in the courts, the US Constitution is null and void.

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Blogger The Ex-Wiz said...


I've certainly suspected her capable of almost anything since her "bomb Iran" boasts.

Thanks so much for publicizing this aspect of her fine, sensitive character.


Probably learned these moves while researching for the CIA against Nixon.

She was prolly the first Bushy Clinton.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011 10:17:00 PM  

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