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From World War II Cooked Radar Station Birds to HAARP

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I have heard the old wives' tale of birds being cooked by World War II Radar Station antennas being the precipitate of today's microwave ovens. There is also the amazing work and ideas of Nikola Tesla (scroll down for video), the father of wireless transmission of energy, wireless internet, satellite transmissions, all from patents over 100 years old. Mega corporations and governments are always trying to discover beneficial and not so warm and fuzzy uses for new technology and devices.

It is not a well hidden secret that the powerful are willing and able to conduct human experimentation. An example is infecting the "inferior races" with VD, and withholding the cure. The CIA was famous for conducting LSD experiments on unsuspecting people, allegedly even dosing multiple cars on a New York Subway and an entire village in France. Do some research yourself there is a wealth of information in the history.

It is possible to make a computer fry using WiFi, instructions are sent, the fan is shut off, the hard drive, and processor are instructed to overwork and the computer fries. Do you think State Police Intelligence Departments and other domestic and international spy agencies don't use such simple technology? How about making a home's or business' computers, electronics, and all electrical equipment fry using electronic pulses? Police have the ability to shut any vehicle down using a device that fries all computer and electrical equipment on a car, instantly. It isn't far fetched that this technology can be beamed from a satellite, or mobile device mounted to a vehicle or helicopter.

Can HAARP alter weather, cause earth quakes, disable countries and militaries worldwide on the whim of some corporate bankster elitist? Would those who possess such technology be able to rule through, threat, intimidation, and manipulation? Ask yourself who brought Small Pox infected blankets as gifts to friendly natives.

Can technology be used for crowd control, mass murder, and for frying pesky citizens to death in their homes from space?

Aaron Dykes: Review of Dr. Paul Kossey, HAARP Program Director and What HAARP Can Do 1/2

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Flashback: Alex Jones' classic interview with HAARP program director Dr. Paul Kossey

March 22, 2011

HAARP antenna array in Gakona, Alaska. Photo credit Michael Kleiman, Air Force, Source: Wikimedia Commons
FLASHBACK: Alex Jones' June 24, 2008 interview with Dr. Paul Kossey, H.A.A.R.P. Program Manager for Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate (operating out of Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts).

Dr. Paul Kossey was featured in a Popular Science article from June 18, 2008:

The Military's Mystery Machine

The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, has been called a missile-defense tool and a mind-control device. The truth is a bit less ominous

One application government scientists are particularly interested in is turning the lower ionosphere into a tool for broadcasting radio signals or bouncing them around the curvature of the Earth. By beaming a signal ranging from 2.8 to 10 megahertz into the ionosphere and then pulsing the signal, HAARP stimulates what's called a "virtual antenna"—a radio interaction that causes the ionosphere to send a very low-frequency signal back down to Earth. The phenomenon could theoretically improve submarine communication. Because salty, conductive seawater absorbs high-frequency radio waves, submarines currently operate with wires that reach up into shallow depths to receive usable radio signals. Low-frequency signals like the ones HAARP generates in the ionosphere could allow subs to operate at much deeper depths. "It's a real signal that comes from space as though there were an antenna up there," says Paul Kossey, HAARP program manager for the Air Force Research Laboratory's Space Vehicles Directorate. "But there's no wire doing it."

Aaron Dykes: Review of Dr. Paul Kossey, HAARP Program Director and What HAARP Can Do 2/2

American Mass Murder Weapon?

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More information, CLICK:

You might see police in the US pull up to crowds in US cities when there might be some sort of political protest.

The selling point on the "Active Denial System" is that is safe and non-lethal.

Special sniper units of mainly White State Police officers, were allegedly used to execute African Americans in the New Orleans area after Hurricane Katrina hit, during the news Black Out. The bodies were allegedly stacked into tractor trailers with "refers" to keep the bodies from smelling. Allegedly two of these such trailers were flown over deep water by Chinook helicopters and dropped in.

An officer, deployed in New Orleans, Louisiana, told me that they would be working on a more efficient way to take care of "unwanted" citizens during national emergencies or in the event Martial Law is declared.

If there is to be a Mass Murder plan inside the US, the "Active Denial System" could be set to "high" and citizens could sizzle and pop on sidewalks. Loaders could scoop up the toast and ooze and dump it in standard container ship container ship containers, trucked to port, and then dumped out in the ocean right off the ship. Or, where cargo trains are loaded on US Downtowns, makeshift outdoor prison camps could be set up, citizens could be fried to a crisp in an organized fashion, loaded on trains, and then America is George W. Bush-style "sanitized".

They tried to make the world forget his name - Nikola Tesla the greatest Inventor of all time

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Nikola Tesla - The Forgotten Wizard


for the full HQ version :]
Part 1
Part 2

The life story and work of Nikola Tesla. He invented AC electricity, Neon Lights, Radio transmission, The Electric motor, Wireless electricity transfer, Remote control, Hydraulics, Lasers, Space weapons, Robotics, and many, many more things.

Some Electromechanical devices and principles developed by Tesla:

* various devices that use rotating magnetic fields (1882)
* induction motor and high frequency alternator
* means for increasing the intensity of electrical oscillations
* alternating current long-distance electrical transmission system (1888)
* Tesla coil
* bladeless turbine
* bifilar coil
* Telegeodynamics
* systems for wireless communication (prior art for the invention of radio) and radio frequency oscillators
* robotics and the "AND" logic gate
* X-rays Tubes using the bremsstrahlung process
* devices for ionized gases
* devices for high field emission
* devices for charged particle beams
* methods for providing extremely low level of resistance to the passage of electrical current
* voltage multiplication circuitry
* devices for high voltage discharges
* devices for lightning protection
* Magnifying Transmitter
* VTOL aircraft
* Dynamic theory of gravity
* concepts for electric vehicles

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Note: I post stuff because I find it interesting for debate, not that I agree, or disagree, wholly, or in part. The above text with video is interesting for the word search possibilities bringing those to this post.

Aaron Russo - Reflections And Warnings 3/7

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Aaron Russo had become close friends with Nick Rockefeller but ended the friendship after learning about him and his banker friends plans to control the world. Alex Jones interviewed Aaron where he tells what he had learned from Nick and the plans the elites have for people. Aaron passed away in 2007 after his battle with cancer.

RAP NEWS 5: News World Order - the war on journalism (ft. Julian Assange)

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Who let the Logs out!? Wikileaks drops 400,000 classified documents shedding new light on the Iraq war—the biggest leak of classified military documents in history—sending shockwaves across the Fourth Estate. Rap News marks the occasion by inviting into the studio the former US Secretary of Offense, Donald Rumsfeld. But what starts out as a conventional Rap News interview soon descends into mayhem as the live feed is hijacked by News World Order, eager to spin the record like a disc jockey on crack. Enter Bill O'Really, the champion of Fair & Balanced journalism, dragging us screaming into the No Spine Zone. Only divine intervention can save us now, from a fate worse than death. But beware of imitators; not all is what it seems to be! Join us for a rollercoaster episode of Rap News, featuring a very very special guest appearance.

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