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Ray McGovern, CIA's Al Qaeda, and Illegal War on Libya?

Retired CIA Agent Ray McGovern image [found here]

What if, no matter what you make, the debt and interest for money borrowed from you without permission, for illegal wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, can't be paid back no matter what, bankrupting you and the nation?

Would you then start to care about illegal wars and those who are ripping you off daily?

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Alex talks with retired CIA officer turned political activist, Ray McGovern. McGovern was a Federal employee under seven presidents over a period of 27 years, presenting the morning intelligence briefings at the White House for many of them. In February, during a speech by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at at George Washington University, McGovern stood silently with his back turned during her remarks, leading to his arrest ana mistreatment at the hands of the police. Ray talks to Alex about the bombing of Libya. Alex covers other important news of the day and takes your calls.

Bottom Line, Libya Will Remain a Transnational Oil Fiefdom

Kurt Nimmo
March 22, 2011

George Galloway, the combative British MP, put Anna Walker of Sky News in her place when she tried to insist that Libya's oil is negligible and hardly worth starting a war over.

"BP has 15 billion pounds worth of investments in Libya," Galloway instructed the corporate media teleprompter reader, "so don't pretend it is not a big deal."

The BP angle is of course not mentioned when the Pentagon script readers here in the States go on ad nauseam about humanitarianism and disinfecting Libya of Gaddafi the thug.

BP CEO Bob Dudley said "we remain committed to doing business" in Libya regardless of what Gaddafi was doing to protesters.

"That morning, stories of tanks crushing unarmed protestors in Benghazi and massacres by (British-built) sniper rifles had been front page news. As Dudley spoke, reports emerged of airstrikes targeting demonstrations across the country," the social justice website Platform reported.

BP and the government of Libya have a lucrative deal searching for offshore oil. "BP signed a deal worth at least $900 million in 2007 to explore in Libya. It said it would monitor the situation on a daily basis and could not confirm when work would start again, but stressed that offshore operations in the region were still open and the closure would not impact oil production," the Associated Press reported as hostilities broke out between the government and protesters.

BP was lobbying hard to secure the deal when Gaddafi sent his henchman to kill protesters during February 2006 demonstrations in Benghazi.

Retired CIA Officer Ray McGovern: Libya Will Remain a Transnational Oil Fiefdom 1/2

Retired CIA Officer Ray McGovern: Libya Will Remain a Transnational Oil Fiefdom 2/2

Webster Tarpley & Alex Jones: Libyan Assault/Invasion Planned Months Ahead!! 1/2

Webster Tarpley & Alex Jones: Libyan Assault/Invasion Planned Months Ahead!! 2/2



Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy on the torture and abuse of Bradley Manning:

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The Hal Turner Diaries

Why would the FBI pay someone to be blatantly racist over the airwaves? Why would someone be given immunity for such behavior, encouraged officially to break all boundaries, and then be arrested in Connecticut when the "Monkey Dancing" isn't performed with the proper enthusiasm? Why the State of Connecticut? [more]


Richard Clark's thoughts on 9-11 Truth and the publicly corrupt FBI, CIA, and US Government, War on 9-11 Truth [click here]

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"Catch and Release" CIA Drug Smuggling Pilots?


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Democracy and Hypocrisy in Libya

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Hamid Dabashi: Foreign intervention using crimes of Gaddafi to strengthen their hold on Northern Africa

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The below from Kenny's Sideshow blog

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Kill Teams and Anti-War Kooks


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