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US Gov Puppeteers' Agenda Discussed (video)

Dominoes are falling. Image stolen [from here]

We were sold out as a nation a long time ago. Too many are slow to wake up. Some of the basic issues are touched upon in the below videos. Click on white envelope below to share this post with friends.

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Infowars.com journalist and researcher Aaron Dykes sits in while Alex is away. Aaron covers the latest news and takes your calls. Today's guest is independent journalist and publisher of The Corbett Report, James Corbett. His forthcoming book, Reportage: Essays on the New World Order, will be available soon.

James Corbett: Essays on The New World Order - Alex Jones Tv 1/2

Part 2

False Flags Unraveling

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False Flags Unraveling



This is James Corbett of corbettreport.com with your Sunday Update for this 27th day of February, 2011. And now for the real news.

In a series of breaking stories this month, more information is coming out exposing the true nature of the false flag attacks in Oklahoma City in 1995, in New York and Washington in 2001, and in London in 2005.

Earlier this month, the UK’s Guardian newspaper revealed that Mohammed Junaid Babar, the American-raised Muslim who set up training camps in north-west Pakistan where he taught bomb making to supposed 7/7 bombing mastermind Mohammed Sidique Khan, was in fact an American informant who was cooperating with American authorities even before he was arrested in 2004.

According to court documents obtained by The Guardian, the court, respresented by District Judge Victor Marrero, ruled that Babar “began cooperating even before his arrest and worked with the FBI and foreign governments” to investigate the London bombings. He was then sentenced to time served and 10 years probation meaning that the man who helped plot the deadliest terror attack in the UK, an attack that killed 52 people and injured hundreds of others, was let off with a slap on the wrists.

Reaction has been swift, with British MPs from across the political spectrum criticizing the decision as a travesty of justice. As bereaved 7/7 family members struggled to understand what happened, experts pointed out that the logical conclusion is that the supposed trainer of the London underground bombing was in fact working for American intelligence.

Graham Foulke, father of David Foulke, one of the 52 people to die in the London bombings, gave his view on the story to the Guardian newspaper.

[click here] for more supporting video on a James Corbett Report webpage

In related news, new bombshell evidence has emerged that the FBI received a phone call warning them the day before the explosion at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Jesse Trentadue, the Salt Lake City lawyer who has been working on the case since 1995 to discover the killer of his brother, obtained documents from the FBI under the Freedom of Information Act showing how Michael Selby, an attorney who claimed to be working “off the books” in representing the federal government, attempted to make a deal with convicted OKC co-conspirator Terry Nichols to admit to making a call on April 18, 1995, warning the FBI of the tapes. A separate affidavit filed in Utah US District court by Nichols confirms the meeting with Selby, stating that Nichols had never heard of the call before and that he had not placed the call.

Jesse Trentadue appeared on the Bill Deagle Nutrimedical Report earlier this week to discuss the new revelations and their significance.

Finally this week, We Are Change has just released footage of their questions to Donald Rumsfeld at this years CPAC conference in Washington, D.C. where they asked the former Secretary of Defense about the $2.3 trillion dollars that he admitted to being lost from the Pentagon’s coffers on September 10, 2001.

What is surprising is not that Rumsfeld attempted to dismiss the question by claiming that the money had always been there, a startling claim that would launch full-scale investigative reports in a free country with an independent press, but that it took 10 years for a group of volunteer citizen journalists to finally pose this question to Rumsfeld and receive any type of official explanation for the greatest accounting “blunder” in the history of the world.

Rumsfeld’s answer is unlikely given Cynthia McKinney’s famous 2006 assertion that the total missing funds had actually increased to $3.5 trillion at that time, and that Rumsfeld made no such attempt at that time to explain that the money was there, but somehow invisible to the Pentagon budget analysts whose offices were blown up in the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

Equally incredible is the fact that Rumsfeld, appearing on the radio show of conservative talk show host Mancow Muller earlier this week, was questioned about the controlled demolition of World Trade Center Building 7 on the afternoon of September 11, 2001, and that he claimed not to know what the building even was.

That the former Secretary of Defense did not know about the destruction of a 47-story office tower, one of the largest buildings in New York, on the day of the worst attack on American soil in recent history, did not make international headlines is newsworthy in and of itself, but if Mr. Rumsfeld was sincere in his ignorance of what happened on 9/11, he is encouraged to begin his research by visiting the website of BuildingWhat.org along with the tens of millions of other Americans who know nothing about the controlled demolition of Building 7.

How the sun changes climate on Earth

Transcripts with above video, The James Corbett Report podcast # 177:

Description:We know that the manmade global warming hoax is a scam, but if it isn’t CO2 driving the climate, what is? This week we talk to Dr. Tim Ball and examine the work of Piers Corbyn as we explore the ways in which the sun effects the climate on earth, and what that means for our future.


Documentation – Old Newspaper Reports of “Climate Change”
Time Reference: 07:26
Description: From the 1800s to today, it’s the best in global warming/cooling alarmism!
Link To: Examiner.com
Documentation – 1922 Panic About Melting Arctic
Time Reference: 07:28
Description: There’s more where this came from.
Link To: WattsUpWithThat.com
Documentation – Historical References on climate change
Time Reference: 07:29
Description: Steven Goddard’s blog contains a number of historical newspaper and journal articles on climate change.
Link To: StevenGoddard.Wordpress.com
Documentation – The effect the Moon has on the Earth’s climate
Time Reference: 10:39
Description: The Moon’s effect on the Earth’s rotational axis has a direct effect on our climate.
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation – Piers Corbyn – (S.L.A.M.) Solar Lunar Amplification Magnetic process Explained
Time Reference: 28:42
Description: Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction.com explains the process by which the sun effects the earth’s climate.
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation – BBC Video Report on “No Link” Between Sun and Climate Change
Time Reference: 34:58
Description: The Beeb doing its usual thing.
Link To: news.bbc.com
Documentation – No Sun Link to Climate Change
Time Reference: 36:44
Description: So says the Royal Society.
Link To: news.bbc.com
Documentation – IPCC – Radiative Forcing Components
Time Reference: 37:06
Description: According to the IPCC, humans have 13 times more effect on the earth’s climate than the sun.
Link To: ipcc.ch
Documentation – Ex-BBC Presenter: BBC Became Propaganda Machine for Climate Change
Time Reference: 38:30
Description: Colour me shocked.
Link To: ClimateGate.tv
Documentation – Royal Society Bows to Climate Change Skeptics
Time Reference: 38:46
Description: Getting off the bandwagon before it falls apart.
Link To: ClimateGate.tv
Documentation – Piers Corbyn Predicts 2009 Winter Weather
Time Reference: 40:36
Description: Forecast for 2009-2010 winter from WeatherAction.com, issued in July of 2009.
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation – 2009 Winter: Cold Weather Causes Havoc in Europe
Time Reference: 43:20
Description: Piers got it right.
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation – Piers Corbyn Predicts 2010 Winter Weather
Time Reference: 44:12
Description: The coldest winter in 100 years?
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation – Mocked Meteorologist Gets The Last Laugh
Time Reference: 45:08
Description: Piers gets it right again.
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation – Underfire Met Office Scraps Seasonal Forecast
Time Reference: 50:20
Description: Maybe they should hire Piers.
Link To: news.sky.com
Documentation – The Mayor of London Praises Piers Corbyn
Time Reference: 51:49
Description: Boris Johnson gives props to Piers Corbyn in the UK Telegraph.
Link To: Telegraph.co.uk
Documentation – Small Nuclear War Could Reverse Global Warming for Years
Time Reference: 56:20
Description: Conditioning the public for geoengineering.
Link To: nationalgeographic.com

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US has history of doing grisly human experimentation

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