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2 Recent Connecticut Political Activist Deaths

Note: this post was hastily constructed. Just recently finding out about both deaths, dealing with it, and now thinking I should tell more of Rich's and AJ's story, possibly talking to someone who wants to share more information. My heart truly goes out to their families and friends.

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I was emailing back and forth with Rich Murzin. He left me a voicemail about AJ Fontaine having died of the Flu in the last 2 weeks. I was a national investigative reporter on a mostly AM and Internet Network which primarily broadcast religious programs except, "Eyes on America".

I had asked Rich to ask AJ to call me. I wanted to do a story on AJ's nephew who was falsely arrested by Connecticut police and railroaded to prison. The nephew was mentally challenged, and was allegedly placed so he would be raped by very large, angry African Americans in prison. That was supposedly in retaliation for wanting justice and trying to expose police brutality and judicial misconduct in the State of Connecticut.

Rich was to give procedural and other advice for an independent film, fiction, about the real abuses that go on in Connecticut.

I talked with Rich's daughter moments ago. Rich passed away Friday, unexpectedly, of a heart attack.

I feel for Rich's and AJ's family and friends.

Both deaths are a shock to me, and a loss. I am not suggesting foul play in either death. I left Connecticut because Connecticut police and authorities actually wanted me dead, severely injured, and most importantly, shut up, teaching me the ultimate lesson. A warning: Free Speech is not Free.

I used to get 5000 to 10,000 hits a day when blogs were less common, and bandwith had to be paid for. I blogged on None of my posts are up almost immediately after I did the below video that went out live on CT-N to all of Connecticut. I talk a little bit of the Murzin saga in it.

Rich Murzin provided me with the VHS tape of Ritt Goldstein. Ritt Goldstein fled Connecticut seeking political asylum in Sweden after being so terrorized by Connecticut Police in the State of Connecticut for having dared proposed Civilian Oversight of Police legislation, December 1996, at a special Judiciary Committee Hearing.

Richard Murzin was a retired Hartford, Connecticut, Narcotics Detective.

If anyone has photos, information, link, video, and/or tips to share:
stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot Com

Steven G. Erickson lets Official Connecticut Have It

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Oct 31, 2006
Aug. 1, 2006, Connecticut lets citizen spout off on camera about the Connecticut court system. I let Connecticut have it regarding Police, Prosecutorial, and Judicial Misconduct.

If Police in the State of Connecticut were abducting citizens wearing ski masks to beat, torture, and interrogate citizens in abandoned waterfront warehouses, what do you think they are up to now with even less oversight and broadened powers? Police Officers who rape, rob, beat, and murder; the cases aren't even investigated. Watch Mr. Barry (?) flip through a telephone book size file from just one county of cases that haven't been investigated which include police murdering citizens. Check out video below. Ritt is still in Sweden, suffering in American Experience in Connecticut.

Are Connecticut women still being raped with immunity by Connecticut State Police? Is this a national problem? You decide?

Under Siege

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Mar 29, 2008

More info:

Ritt Goldstein and a panel of international experts on Civilian Oversight of Police testify at an official Judiciary Committee meeting at the Legislative Building in Hartford, Connecticut, December 1996


I would not have met Rich Murzin and AJ Fontaine if I had not told Stafford Springs, Connecticut, State Senator Anthony "Tony" Guglielmo that I intended to sue the Connecticut State Police for violating my civil rights, terrorizing me for speaking out, threatening me with arrest, prison, and death for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police and Court Reform.

I was railroaded to prison in Connecticut for my 1st Amendment test and then promptly kicked out of the State upon my release, told not to return.

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I most recently talk about my case here:

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Rich Murzin's last voice mail to me that I will ever hear:

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Rich Murzin links

Rich Murzin allegedly went after organized connected drug dealers against his Hartford Police Department Captain's wishes and was on the shit list for that. Rich was felony arrested for having used gas in the cruiser to go home at lunch, a common practice with most officers. A lame, retaliatory charge. It was a witch hunt. Rich's son Stephen, home from the US Marines, made a police misconduct complaint when he saw Phil Inkel being beaten up by police at the Colchester McDonalds. Inkel had lodged a complaint and was beaten up by police for making a police misconduct complaint when he (Inkel) saw a teen being beaten up by police for having worn baggy pants. The Murzin family seemingly has been a target of police and judicial retaliation for 2 decades. [That story with video]

[click here] for:

Friday, May 19, 2006

Rich Murzin says "Good-Bye" to Hartford, Connecticut

Former Hartford Detective retires. [more]



Richard J. Murzin Jr.

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MURZIN, Richard J. Jr. Richard J. Murzin, Jr., 57, of Wethersfield, beloved husband of Brigitte (Palmans) Murzin, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, (April 16, 2011). Born in Hartford on May 16, 1953, he was the son of Gloria (Villano) Murzin of Wethersfield and the late Richard J. Murzin. Richard was a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, U. S. Air Force and the U.S. Marine Corps. He was a police officer in Hartford for 16 years, retiring in 2002. He and his son, Ian, were deployed on 9-11 to secure the waters off New York City. He was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation twice. He enjoyed historical war gaming, was a member of the NRA and a staff officer of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Richard was a founding member of the Department Homeland Security. Including his wife, Richard is survived by his children: Stephen A. Murzin and his wife, Kimberlee of Seymour, Ian G. Murzin of Hartford, Nadine R. Murzin of Wethersfield and Nadia M. Murzin of Wethersfield; and his seven grandchildren: Karlee, Kaysee, Jade, Ashton, Nathaniel, Alena and Lilyana. He is also survived by his brother, Dominic D. Murzin of Arlington, TX; his sister, Julie A. Murzin Keough of Wethersfield; three nephews: George Keough, Thomas Keough and Daniel Murzin; and several extended family members and friends. Funeral services will leave Tuesday at 10:45 a.m. from the D'Esopo Funeral Chapel, 277 Folly Brook Blvd., Wethersfield, for an 11:30 a.m. Mass of Christian Burial in Corpus Christi Church, 601 Silas Deane Highway, Wethersfield. Burial will follow in Mt. St. Benedict Cemetery, Bloomfield. The family will receive relatives and friends on Monday from 4-7 p.m. at the D'Esopo Funeral Chapel. For on-line expressions of sympathy, please visit
Published in The Hartford Courant on April 17, 2011

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Do officials send out State Police goons to silence big mouths about public corruption and citizen abuse?

Well, just another obvious example,
[click here for entire post]:


Current New York Governor, David Paterson, and former New York Governor (Feb, 2010), Eliot Spitzer


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