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Chernobyl, Fukishima, The James Corbett Report, and the Truth about Acceptable Radiation

I did a word search to find artwork related to the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant, subsequent radiation leak, plant explosion, and its impact on the population in the Ukraine and the world. I found the above image [here]. There are probably more photos and story links. I have not checked them out.

The below is the intro to the James Corbett Report Podcast # 180. If you have respect for Mr. James Corbett as an educator, caring person, and especially as a premier Independent Journalist, I suggest listening to the below short audio clip.

The James Corbett Report Podcast # 180, Titled, "Episode 180 – The Chernobyl Question"

[Source of Audio download for 2 Videos for Podcast # 180]

Fukushima is not Chernobyl. The plants have different designs, were effected in different ways and are behaving differently. Nevertheless, there are still things that we can learn about the Chernobyl disaster that might teach us about our current situation. Join us this week as we uncover some of the secrets of Chernobyl and ask what this can tell us about Fukushima.
-The Corbett Report

James Corbett Report text and links to go with podcast #180:
Documentation – Second Harvest Japan
Time Reference: 01:32
Description: An organization that collects unsaleable foods from manufacturers and donors and donates them to those in need. They are currently helping to distribute food and supplies to those who have been effected by the earthquake.
Link To:

Documentation – Peace Boat
Time Reference: 01:40
Description: A Japan-based NGO that is currently helping to distribute food and supplies and cook meals for those in the earthquake-stricken areas of Japan.
Link To:

Documentation – Tsunami hit city of Ishinomaki, Japan, 2 weeks later
Time Reference: 01:57
Description: Video demonstrating what Peace Boat is doing to help those in Northeast Japan. Includes very moving interview with a man who lost his mother and aunt in the tsunami.
Link To:

Documentation – Japan Declares Nuclear Emergency at Plant
Time Reference: 03:27
Description: Early report on the Fukushima crisis from NHK.
Link To:

Documentation – Japan Declares “Nuclear Emergency Situation”
Time Reference: 03:54
Description: Report on the initial declaration of emergency at Fukushima on March 11th broadcast on Al-Jazeera.
Link To:

Documentation – Explosion at nuclear plant in Japan
Time Reference: 04:28
Description: An early report on an explosion at Fukushima from Al-Jazeera.
Link To:

Documentation – This Is Not Good! This Is NOT Good!
Time Reference: 05:02
Description: Nuclear Expert On Explosion At Japanese Nuclear Power Plant.
Link To:

Documentation – Nuclear crisis deepens in Japan
Time Reference: 05:32
Description: Tension grows in the Tokyo metropolis.
Link To:

Time Reference: 08:23
Description: Cryptogon reports on 1000 mSv/hr radiation in the air in reactor no. 2.
Link To:

Documentation – Yearly radiation dosages in Sieverts
Time Reference: 09:37
Description: From Wikipedia.
Link To: Wikipedia

Documentation – Greenpeace radiation team pinpoints need to extend Fukushima evacuation zone
Time Reference: 10:49
Description: Greenpeace identifies evacuation-level radiation dosages outside of the government-mandated evacuation zone.
Link To:

Documentation – The True Battle of Chernobyl Uncensored
Time Reference: 11:55
Description: A good documentary about Chernobyl and about what has now been revealed about what officials knew about the disaster and have kept secret for decades.
Link To: Google Video

Documentation – Seconds From Disaster
Time Reference: 13:13
Description: Sensationalistic National Geographic “documentary” about the disaster…but it has nice graphics.
Link To:

Documentation – Six Ways Fukushima is Not Chernobyl
Time Reference: 16:42
Description: A good overview of some of the Fukushima/Chernobyl differences.
Link To:

Documentation – Why Fukushima Isn’t Like Chernobyl
Time Reference: 19:22
Description: Calming words for those who are afraid of a new Chernobyl.
Link To:

Documentation – Tainted water confirmed to have seeped into sea from nuke plant
Time Reference: 21:31
Description: Water with high levels of radiation has been confirmed to have seeped into the sea from the No. 2 reactor at the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, government officials said Saturday, raising wider fears of environmental contamination by the release of radioactivity.
Link To: Kyodo News

Documentation – Fukushima Reactor No. 3 suffers likely core breach
Time Reference: 22:11
Description: Worrying sign from Reactor No. 3.
Link To: Natural News

Documentation – Why Fukushima made me stop worrying and love nuclear power
Time Reference: 23:22
Description: Climate change hoax mouthpiece defends his religion by worshipping nuclear.
Link To:

Documentation – Nuclear Power Perspective
Time Reference: 24:50
Description: A post that blatantly lies about fatalities to make nuclear sound safer than it is.
Link To: Watts Up With That?

Documentation – Janette Sherman
Time Reference: 26:10
Description: A toxicologist and contributing editor to a new scientific study showing nearly 1 million deaths attributable directly to Chernobyl.
Link To:

Documentation – Chernobyl: A million casualties
Time Reference: 27:09
Description: A fascinating discussion about the medical data showing 985,000 people have died as a result of Chernobyl.
Link To:

Documentation – Inside Chernobyl’s Sarcophagus
Time Reference: 35:31
Description: Excellent documentary about what the scientists and “liquidators” at Chernobyl did to research, understand, and solve the problems of Chernobyl.
Link To: Google Video

Documentation – Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center
Time Reference: 43:10
Description: Based in Tokyo, the CNIC is a network of scientists, activists, and common citizens who work to create a nuclear free world.
Link To:

Documentation – Same Type of Concrete Pumping Trucks Used at Chernobyl Are En-route to Fukushima
Time Reference: 47:08
Description: Some of the world’s largest cement pumps were en route to Japan’s stricken nuclear plant on Thursday, initially to help douse areas with water but eventually for cement work — including the possibility of entombing the site as was done in Chernobyl.
Link To: Cryptogon

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Image for podcast short intro video found in the link below.

Click below Corbett Report link title for more information:
Bilderberg 2010 Agenda Leaked

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What Caused 3/11 Earthquake

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Mar 27, 2011

This is the audio for the James Corbett Report Podcast # 179. More info:

Japan is just tallying up the damage from the devestating earthquake that struck off the northeast coast on March 11th, but it is clear that this was one of the most powerful earthquakes in modern Japanese history. Now, some are asking whether this was a natural earthquake or if it was precipitated by human activities. Join us this week as we go in search of a man-made fingerprint on the 3/11 earthquake.

HAARP, conspiracy theories and more.

This video is embedded with other Corbett Report videos here:

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