Saturday, April 02, 2011

A Farmer's Warning to his Grandson

Old, Abandoned Farm Stand, image [found here]

My Grandfather rented land for years in Crosby, North Dakota, near Fargo and Moorehead, Minnesota. He owned the equipment and had to pay maybe a third of the yield to live in the farmhouse and use the land. He did well up until the mid 1970's near his retirement. When he started talking about the corporate takeover of America, my aunts, uncles, and father thought the talk was too extreme. I wished I had talked to him more on the subject, he was a very wise, independent free thinking man, indeed.

I realize that my Grandfather could have easily been a political activist. He thought for himself, and could see what really was out there and decipher what it meant. He didn't just take mainstream news owned by corporations and take it as gospel.

The corporations, in order to squeeze out the family farmer, was to pay as little as possible for grain and other farm yields, by supplying themselves, creating an unfair monopoly. This was accomplished by large corporations farming large tracks of land and fixing the prices to a very low price, flooding the market. Corporations could lose money year, after year, in just one aspect of their entire business, and weather the storm. One, or two, bad years for a farmer meant bankruptcy and being out of the farming business.

Stores like Home Depot and Wal-Mart use a similar tactic called the “Loss Leader”. A common item will be advertised and sold at cost, or below cost. So, a local store can't match the price, is thought to be gouging, and the business is taken away from the smaller, local, independent shop. When the competition is removed the large corporate store can then raise their prices.

This is an unfair business practice and is meant to eliminate fair competition. The biggest shouldn't just be able to starve the smaller out. That isn't a fair system. We see that the biggest will rip us off and enslave us if we let them. They are well on their way, for decades.

We are seeing the results of the big banks and corporations writing policy, regulating themselves, bribing their puppet politicians, and ripping us off, and we the people mostly do nothing.

When will corporate slaves rise against their truly evil and uncaring masters? They are international and not at all caring about core American values, if these values even exist after so much propaganda and most of average America asleep at the switch.

When we're in camps, or lined up for the modern version of “the oven”, it is too late. Let's do something before it's too late.


Anonymous Brenda said...

Hello Stark-Man, I am an organic gardener enduring the worst summer ever. I am convinced Haarp is being directed on the midwest. The extreme heat and drought will devestate farmers and livestock. But this is not the time to get discusted and walk away. This is the time to get discusted and start a garden, esp a community garden. Start now,today. Brenda

Saturday, September 10, 2011 2:58:00 PM  

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