Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fear vs. Respect, Parenting and Government

Image stolen [from here]

If a parent rules by fear, not gaining the respect of the child, what happens when there is no longer any fear?

There is no respect.

The US Government, courts, and policing, is the ruling of the people by fear. People are not obeying out of respect, they fear the out of control pirates puppeteering our officials who are supposed to represent us, not the organized criminals.

How ridiculous does it have to get before people just won't take it anymore?

Would you want 52%, or so, or more of your taxes going to the Pentagon, military, and to organized corporate banksters? Would you want even more going to abuse you through a Police State and rigged courts? What if something like [this] happens to you or someone you know? Would you then get up off the couch and do something?


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