Sunday, April 03, 2011

Is Syria the next target of the World Imperialist Banksters?

I did a word search on "civil unrest" and found photo [here]

Would US Taxpayers to vote to have at least 54% of all of their tax dollars to wage a World Wars, have US military bases of occupation worldwide, and making the US one huge police state prison camp?

Text with below video:

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The Libyan crisis may repeat itself in Syria, believes independent journalist James Corbett, who joined RT to discuss the latest developments in the Middle Eastern country.

On Sunday, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad appointed a new prime minister after dismissing the cabinet in an attempt to ease the unrest in the country.

Dozens have been killed in two weeks of fighting. The government blames outside influences for the unrest.

The extraordinary wave of protests has proved the most serious challenge yet to Assad's 11-year rule. He earlier pledged he would form committees to look into civilian deaths and the possibility of replacing the decades-old emergency laws.

The situation has raised fears that further foreign military intervention could be on the cards.

"Syria is going to become the next piece on the geopolitical chessboard for those who are manipulating the current intervention in Libya. We've seen a lot of covert intervention going on behind the scenes before and during the so-called 'humanitarian intervention'. And that's exactly what's going to be taking place in Syria as a very geo-strategic location starts to become destabilized," James Corbett told RT.

Is Syria the Next Target of the Globalists? - James Corbett on RT


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