Thursday, April 07, 2011

US Collapse, World War III, The James Corbett Report, Paul Craig Roberts

I did a word search for images, "US Economic Collapse", and found the above photo [here]

What are Americans getting for the 54%, or so, of all US taxes collected going to wars, the Pentagon, and the Black Holes of Black CIA/Military/Surveillance funding? Will Libya, Syria, and Iran be opened up as fronts the US endless wars of occupation fiasco? When will the American people demand an end to funding their own, and world, abuse?

Text with below video:

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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts joins The Corbett Report to discuss recent military intervention in Lybia, possible military intervention in Syria, and the long-term Western goal of encirclement of China in a future engagement that will lead to a (nuclear) third world war.

Lybia, Syria and the Road to World War III - Paul Craig Roberts on The Corbett Report

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Chernobyl, Fukishima, The James Corbett Report, and the Truth about Acceptable Radiation


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