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Are Cops entitled to take anyone's daughter, girlfriend, or wife?

Movie Actress Susan George image [found here]

When I lived in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, with my then wife, a model [picture, text] I met while traveling Europe, certain things about what White Male Police Officers were up to was all too apparent.

In Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and probably most of the US, police use informants for Police to act as Crime Managers and Armed Revenue Collectors, not Law Enforcement. Heroin, Crack Cocaine, Ecstasy, Marijuana, and other drugs are distributed using organized crime, police preferred, drug dealers. The Department of Children and Families, DCF, helps in retaliation, protecting police preferred drug dealer turf, and for the exploitation of underage girls and, of age, women.

In the below movie, the Sheriff was involved with drugs, organized crime, and stealing girlfriends and wives, arresting the boyfriends and husbands who got in the way. Any charge to railroad the men to prison, used.

The 1976 movie, "A Small Town in Texas", [IMDb listing], storyline excerpt:
After doing five years in prison on a drug charge, Poke is returns to his hometown intent on taking his sweetheart Mary Lee (and their child) away with him to California. His plan hits a snag, however, when he discovers that since his incarceration, Mary Lee has taken up with Duke, the very sheriff who put Poke behind bars in the first place. Things turn even worse for Poke when he later witnesses Duke assassinating a local hispanic politician. Now with Duke out for his blood, Poke must choose to run for his life or make a stand.

A SMALL TOWN IN TEXAS (1976) Sexy Susan George vs Bo Hopkins * Exploitation

Back in the late 1990's in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. If I recall correctly a "Dave" and "Tony" were a couple. I'm not sure if they were married. Tony, a blond, with what White Male Police Officers like, had Dave's child. Connecticut State Police Officers followed Dave around, allegedly listened in on his phone calls, and his internet use. Officers saw to it that he got fired from his mechanic job at a new and used car dealer in town, and any job he was able to get. Officers would pay visits to Tony and they were betting on who would have sex with Tony first.

Police allegedly wanted to set up Dave for an arrest that would give him prison time. Officers then could have unfettered access to Tony ...

These same type of predators want to put full body scanners in schools. This might also be a tool for them to identify girls that police want to use as prostitutes, White Slavery, or for their own mistresses, or even for use as gambling chips paying cards with other officers.

A police officer in Norwalk, Connecticut, who allegedly had evidence other officers were involved in a child pornography, homosexual stalking, and prostitution ring allegedly held an AK-47 out by the barrel, and committed suicide. A scenario that is very questionable at best. [more of that story and ones like it]

Child Molester Cop still free?


The investigation began after a 15-year-old Weston boy told one of his high school teachers about his sexual relationship with Cummings, a source close to the investigation said.

That teacher contacted a Westport detective, who reported the allegation to Norwalk police. The probe was turned over to investigators in state Superior Court in Stamford.

Three months after the investigation began, Cummings was charged with having sex with two other 15-year-old boys and trying to lure another to his Dreamy Hollow condominium in Norwalk (Connecticut).

Cummings, a 24-year department veteran ... [click here for more]

Was Norwalk Officer Mathew Morrelli murdered by police and made to look like a suicide to cover-up across the board police misconduct in Norwalk? Former Norwalk Mayor Bill Collins talks about police wearing ski masks, were abducting citizens to beat them at abandoned waterfront warehouses, were putting police union stickers on his house and throwing their beer bottles up on his porch. [video]

Officer is laid to rest
NORWALK - In a solemn ceremony bound by tradition and honor, hundreds of police from as far as Canada lined up behind the flag-draped casket of patrolman and combat veteran Matthew Morelli, who died while on duty last week in an apparent suicide.

Do White Male Police Officers in the State of Connecticut and other states get drunk with female Department of Children and Family workers and pass out baggies of marijuana to patrons in bars? Well, an ex-wife of a police officer spouts off about that and more:

Ex-Wife of Police Officer Lets Loose

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Jan 15, 2008

Ex-Wife of Police Officer Lets Loose. Cathy Ellison talks about ex-husband in East Haven Connecticut, domestic assault, police misconduct, DCF women getting drunk with police officers, drug use of police etc.

This phone interview gets best towards the middle and end.

The East Haven mayor was allegedly caught by police using drugs and police helped cover it up.

Cops allegedly getting drunk with female DCF workers in bars passing out baggies of pot.

East Haven Police Officers were allegedly to drunk and high on drugs to return cruisers to the next shift.

White officers target minorities to keep them out of another primarily "White Only" town.

Police retaliate against landlords that don't want prostitutes living off them for free, video:


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On another note, here is something re-posted from the Kenny's Sideshow blog:

National Day of Celebration

Mama cries, children dance in the street, dogs howl.
Let the new era of games begin.

Don't you just love the smell of a psyops in the morning .....

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Blogger aferrismoon said...


I thought this proved interesting as another facet of the police and CPS [ Child Protection Service]. The officers entered the woman's house without paperwork but still arrested her, took her child etc etc

It seems they have both legal and illegal angles sewn up.


Wednesday, May 04, 2011 7:18:00 AM  

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