Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Conspiracy Theorist Version of Crop Circles and Cattle Mutilations

Pic [found here]

Crop Circles, Mutilated Cows & Pentagon Star Wars Satellites?

What's really on the Pentagon grocery list for domestic spying on, the terrorizing, and cruel removal of pesky US citizens living in America from the organized criminal offshore corporate banksters running the USA?

I thought it too bizarre to post after I talked to Werner, saw pictures and video of mutilated cows from New Brunswick, Canada, about 4 years ago, or so. I thought it too dangerous to go there and see for myself if the US Military/CIA were conducting such experiments out of view.

Canada seems more under the control, and abuse, of some major corporations who enslave the people, more so than in America. Taxes, the price of gas, and Big Brother there, believe it, or not, seem worse.

Werner, a Canadian cattle rancher, near Irving Corporation Energy interests and tree harvesters, thinks his cows are subjects of satellite radiation tests, where the eyes, tongues, reproductive organs, intestines, and anuses, are removed for study in US Military labs.

Making people slowly sick, causing anal cancer for slow painful death, or making a subject, or pain in the butt, "Big Mouth", political activist, sizzle and pop on a sidewalk near you, is very much likely on the Pentagon, take your last tax dollar, wish list, if it is not already reality.

The ultimate government of enslavement tool would be able to microwave citizens from space.

If printer software were used with a lazer type stylus with precision robotics, maybe crop circles are possible. Making the public think aliens might be the culprits would allow authorities to do experiments, and then view the results, right under the eye of the public, while calling everyone crazy conspiracy theorists for suggesting any possible explanations.

Sensory denial weapons are already used for crowd control, and allegedly used to kill groups of people with stealth. Electronic pulse technology is another police tool for stopping vehicles, along with stop sticks. The computer and all electronics fail, engine immediately shuts down.

Aiming a larger device at a business, or residence, can cause a power surge. Microwave ovens, televisions, computers, and the electronics in any heating, or cooling, units also fail. This can be accomplished by satellite, or by mobile unit. We live in a world were all this is possible with a couple of key strokes originated from a police or government goon laptop.

The evil that is the current US Government probably knows no bounds. When a person is completely lacking of human compassion, although I know they are no other entity, I still consider them biological robots, tyrants who should not have power over us.

Speak about anything that you can't see, and prove, readily, and the naysayers want to use a staple gun to install a tinfoil hat to your head. So, here's my conspiracy theory for the day.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was Farrah Fawcett any kind of threat to TPTB? Or did she piss off someone who had connections? She died from anal cancer.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 11:01:00 AM  

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