Sunday, May 15, 2011

Prostitution and Heroin, Ron Paul Speaks Out from New Hampshire

Ron Paul doesn't advocate the use of heroin, prostitution, or even gambling. He is talking about what should be present in a free society. The problem for the current establishment is that Ron Paul makes sense. Rand Paul also speaks out in below Chris Mathew MSNBC video.

Unrelated to Ron Paul, Concord, New Hampshire, photo and blog about it [found here]

Ron Paul Beats Chris Matthews Over The Head With Liberty

Text with video:
Uploaded by SaveOurSovereignty3 on May 13, 2011

Airing Date May.13, 2011

Ron Paul Beats Chris Matthews Over The Head With Liberty


I found the above video as a favorite on the James Corbett Report youtube channel:

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If Heroin went from $20 a bag for 4 to 7% pure, to $5 a bag to 70% with US military boots on the ground in the world biggest producer of heroin, Afghanistan, what does that say? My source about heroin is the recently deceased Rich Murzin. If the 3rd largest expenditure for using the US Military to run operations and occupy a country is Columbia, is that about the CIA and Military Organized Industrial Crime Complex smuggling cocaine into the US?


Are US Militia groups rising up to fight back against the US Gov/CIA drug running goons?


[click here] for:

Geraldo Rivera and Heroin in Afghanistan


Afghanistan Opium Crop Guarded by Military while US conducts failed War on Drugs!

Text with video:
Informedru May 28, 2010So, what is wrong with this picture? SEE LINKS BELOW:

American Drug War: The Last White Hope: Pre Release Cut:

Afghanistan Opium Survey 2009:

Richard Armitage:

Theodore Shackley, CIA:

KARZAI brother biggest Heroin dealer in Afghanistan:

Retired US four-star general: Karzai's brother is 'a thug' - 12 Nov 09:

Catherine Austin Fitts Worked in the US Govt and saw proof of Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering:


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