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Reasons to blow up New Orleans Levy Walls '05

Let's assume for the sake of argument that 9-11 was an inside job. Why not have another outlandish conspiracy theory right in front of our eyes?

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Blowing up the levy walls in New Orleans, Louisiana, would be great for accusing every conspiracy theorist as being a nut, while dismissing all of their arguments across the board. There could be actual video footage of the FBI planting explosives and then detonating the bombs and over 99% of the American public would not have believed the footage, no matter how good, after that event.

Was the FBI responsible for planning, supplying the bombing materials, and finding the perpetrators to bomb the World Trade Centers bank in 1993? [post]

To test all the FEMA take over a city programs, New Orleans was ideal. New equipment for killing and injuring civilians, a news black out, and covert operation plans to kill, detain, torture, confiscate property, take away guns, and eliminate US Constitutional Rights all could be tested as a dry run.

I met an independent movie producer in Connecticut who told me he had film of citizens who said they witnessed the bombing of the levy walls, hearing actual explosions before the water flowed in. I asked for the ability to listen to the interviews and to see whatever evidence he had. It wasn't provided and he has failed to return my phone calls and emails after promising to provide the information.

I am not convinced, but have more fodder for my Police State "fiction" screenplays that I'm writing. I may actually submit at least one in proper form.

My comment posted in this article sums up my feelings:

Pre-9-11 Power Grab
I've talked with former law enforcement and others with privileged information. There were test cities all over the US before 9-11. There was enhanced domestic spying and informants were used to target politically active "Big Mouth" citizens.

I know a bit about what went on in Connecticut. Homeland Security is now part of high schools. 14 year old girls who pass notes to other girls can be grilled by Homeland Security at the possibility that they are lesbians. That is crazy in a Police State. [ video ]

State Police Intelligence, a State's form of the CIA, would go after citizens to make them lose their jobs, homes, family unity, credit, credibility, clean criminal record, and the sum total of their lives if they merely contacted State's Governor or local or federal elected official about police brutality, judicial misconduct, or public corruption. A high ranking police officer told me that his number one job was to protect the integrity of the system and police were not required to protect and serve the public.

If a former narcotics detective can be felony arrested in retaliation for arresting an organized crime drug lord against his captain's orders, drugs and crime are part of the police state, they are part of organized official terror and crime management .

It is time to fire every elected official from the President on down. There should be a rule, no lawyers or anyone who has ever worked for the CIA directly, as a contractor, or supplied the CIA, in being an elected official in the US.



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