Saturday, May 28, 2011

Unseen Military Weapon used to Smoke Jack Rabbits for fun

I was talking with a gentleman who claims to have knowledge of a military weapon now mounted on most US fighter aircraft for at least the last 8 years. It is an anti-missile system using some sort of particle beam or concentrated radiation. Jack Rabbits on a military runway, atop a flat mountain top on the Nevada/Utah border can be reduced to a puff of smoke at incredible distances.

A pilot sitting in a military plane was allegedly able to smoke a jack rabbit with ease. The rabbit was reduced to a smoking pile of bones in 3 milliseconds.

This weapon is allegedly a much smaller version of Ronald Reagan's Star Wars Satellite weapon meant to take out enemy missiles from space. "The Terminator", movie where machines kill humans at will, automatically, can now be reality. Pilots are now too vulnerable to be in planes if this weapon becomes more widespread. Unmanned drones are perfect to linger over target zones, such as targeting civilians for removal in the US. The new weapon doesn't need to be re-loaded, it is electric and the power is generated by burning fuel while flying. So, there is a lot of firepower with stealth. To die a slow painful death, or instantly, is just now a matter of an unseen beam.

The military showed its hand on what some high tech toys it had during the Grenada War of 1983. Civilians and military targets could be hit from great distances using conventional weapons with computer targeting systems which utilized infrared and other imaging technology. So, how far have they come since 1983 using trillions of your US tax dollars?



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