Thursday, May 19, 2011

The War on You

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The corporate banking interests who run the US Government have been at war with you for a long time. It has been mostly a psychological war. People get roughed up, lives are ruined, some are held as political prisoners, others are murdered. Some murders look like accidents, natural deaths, suicides, and some people just plain disappear. The war is expanding and you are paying for it.

The war against you will expand, and expand, and expand. The war will use new weapons. Electronic warfare will be key. Taking out computers, electronics, and other devices using powerful jamming radiation, or electric pulse, can shut up those informing others with a website or blog. Sensory denial weapons can also kill, cause disorientation, and can make victims die slowly.

Blogging about ending the Fed, about Police Brutality, Judicial Misconduct, and Public Corruption will "green light" a citizen for being murdered, harmed, and/or to be detained as a political prisoner. Those who are in Militias, recruit for Militias, or are key to Militias are especially targeted.

Armed Military Fighters are conducting exercises, now almost daily. Police and military are doing joint exercises, such as to deny access to public transportation and geographic areas. Military drones are flying over US soil.

When the US Government goes to war on its own people, the goal will be to prevent the ability of the opposition to fight back. Water, sewer, electricity, transportation, and all services will be denied. Movement will be restricted and potential leaders will be detained, tortured, and/or killed.

There will be new rules, "comply or die".

Red Beckman: The 16th Amendment was Never Ratified! - Alex Jones Tv 1/4

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Alex welcomes back to the show Red Beckman, author of The Law That Never Was and Born Again Republic. Beckman is the founder of the Fully Informed Juries Association and claims that the Sixteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, commonly known as the income tax amendment, was never properly ratified. Red talks with Alex about a recent CBS 60 Minutes hit piece attacking constitutionalists and characterizing the patriot movement as domestic terrorism.

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Caller Talks About Psych Warfare and Says We Can't Win

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Government Justification to Rule Over People?

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Philosophy of Government. This is James Corbett Report Podcast #186

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Episode 186 -- Philosophy of Freedom: The State of Nature

Each society tells itself a story about where it came from. These foundation myths are built on our assumptions about the world and about human nature itself, and it often explains why we live in the political system that we do. Today on The Corbett Report we examine various foundation myths throughout history, from ancient Greece to modern America, from the Enlightenment to the post-Enlightenment.


I would ask that you consider supporting the Corbett Report independent journalist and teacher. Not much to subscribe.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The main stream media's 'War on Truth'.

Says it all doesn't it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011 9:44:00 AM  

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