Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Economic Martial Law Declared

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This picture of a vintage Kentucky State Police cruiser probably isn't the best photo to go with the theme of this post. It was [found here]. But, I liked this rather benign looking officer next to the car and decided to post it.

This blogger is looking at, and negotiating to do, and work onm independent movies, documentaries, public access television, and other projects. I'd love to bring my camera and mostly college age crew anywhere to cover news related subjects for RT America, Alex Jones, the James Corbett Report, or related type independent news. [Here I am] in action.

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America is Becoming Nazi Germany of The 21st Century - Alex Jones Tv 1/3

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On this Monday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks about the outlawing of embedding YouTube videos, the criminalization of the gold trade, and the war clouds growing over Libya and Syria. Alex takes your calls and covers the latest news.

Americans are tired of wars

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Libya is simply the most recent issue, but look at the 100,000 US troops in Afghanistan and the 50,000 in Iraq, not to mention even more under the radar in Pakistan. Still, the NATO assault is continuing in Libya and 72% of Americans, according to the polls, are tired of all the military initiatives the US is involved with and think the country should withdraw. All of this during such tough times for the country's economy while jobs are cut, yet the Pentagon's budgets is growing.RT blogger and US was veteran Jake Diliberto joins Kristine Frazao in the studio to share his experience and opinion on what's going on inside and outside the country.


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