Saturday, June 18, 2011

US Lawmakers Unnecessary, Expensive Puppet Show?

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If CIA Corporate Bankster Puppet Dictator Barack Obama can declare wars without Congressional and Senate approval, are they just powerless and unnecessary? Who wants to keep paying for these ridiculous, expensive, and time consuming puppet shows? These people obviously don't represent the will of the American people, had they any real power anyway.

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Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen - the number of countries US is in seems to be growing. While outraged lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are battling the White House over Libya - a war that isn't technically a war, according to the President - generals at The Pentagon are waging a quiet campaign to ensure the Afghan surge continues. Whether or not you think these wars are necessary, the more pressing question seems to be whether USA can keep paying for them. Even America's mayors are joining the fray by calling on the White House to stop spending on wars and start investing at home - something, the conference of mayors hasn't done since the Vietnam war.
To look at how all this will pan out, RT speaks to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, a former Reagan administration official.

Roberts: USA vs China in the Middle East


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