Thursday, June 09, 2011

Using Drones, is the Corporate Dictatorship Poising for War on You?

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The same big business, banking mentality that was okay with the slave trade of years ago, is okay with enslaving you as your last dollar is ripped off.

What are your taxes being spent on?

At least 52% of your money is being used to kill, harm, confine, and spy on citizens worldwide. Would you rather get services you pay for, or fund a worldwide military police state? Do your elected officials merely act as puppets of the regime? Is Barack Obama a puppet dictator?

In a downtown area, police and the courts, were about revenue collecting, not public service or "law enforcement". Federal tax dollars are doled out to states to take away children, break up families, process citizens in courts, ruin small business, take away property and assets, and railroad as many citizens to prisons as is possible. If you have a license plate that is dim, not even out, you can be pulled over, terrorized, and feel like a police officer can alter your life at any moment. Your vehicle, property, and cash can be confiscated on the lamed excuse.

[This] is what can happen to anyone.

Police will pay drug dealers, prostitutes, vandals, thieves, and complete human parasites to commit crimes for them for revenue collection, property confiscation, retaliation, to instill official terror in the populace, and to railroad politically active citizens to prison to silence them. Do you want these same people flying unmanned drones over your head to spy on you? Will it get your attention when the Police State is flying armed drones over your head to target US citizens in America?

Drone surveillance in the US? Alex Jones says 'the whole world is in danger'

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As the US plans to increase drone aircraft usage abroad, now law enforcement in the States is getting ready to adopt robotic planes back home for surveillance purposes. While drone usage is expected to be expanded in America by 2013, Infowar's Alex Jones says that in some states it has already been happening for years.

If a group of loosely affiliated banksters, along with the corporate, drug running, military complex, mafia, stole from US taxpayers, is it easier to go to war with them, or to pay them back? Well, the military keeps being built up, and police numbers and powers keep rising. Do the math.

US debt to exceed economy

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The United States is facing a deficit of $1.3 trillion and is ten times that in debt. In fact, it looks like that debt will exceed the size of the US economy this year for the first time since World War 2. Will the government ever get it under control? Heather Cirmo of 440 Group PR says that as the debt ceiling is raised indefinitely, the foundation of the economy is starting to crack. The economy can only sustain so much, she says, before the ceiling will start to crumble. Cirmo weighs in with Economics Professor Caroline Heldman as they try to find a solution for the nation's economic woes.

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