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James Corbett and Alex Jones on Big Brother's Internet Scam

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Alex Jones of joins us to discuss the cloud, the future of the web, and the fight to maintain the alternative media. For more information on this topic, please listen to Episode 194 of The Corbett Report, The Cloud Cometh:

The dangers of the cloud - Alex Jones on The Corbett Report (1/2)

The dangers of the cloud - Alex Jones on The Corbett Report (2/2)

#194 Corbett Report Podcast

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Note: James Corbett didn't pick any of the pictures to go with this video upload. They are photos on the video uploader's blog. Please go there for explanations. Please check out James Corbett's above link for transcripts and more links to go with podcast.

This is episode 194 of the James Corbett Report podcast.

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Documentation – Steve Jobs announces the iCloud
Time Reference: 03:05
Description: The truth is in the cloud…and did I mention it “just works.”
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – How Cloud Computing Works
Time Reference: 07:46
Description: Brief summary of what the cloud is and why people would want to use it.
Link To:
Documentation – Cloud Computing – Security and Privacy Challenges
Time Reference: 12:12
Description: Microsoft breaks down some of the security and privacy concerns of the cloud.
Link To:
Documentation – Introduction to Keystroke Dynamics and AuthenWare Technology
Time Reference: 20:31
Description: They can identify you by the rhythm with which you type on the keyboard.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – How Lieberman Got Amazon To Drop Wikileaks
Time Reference: 24:38
Description: The truth is on the cloud…unless the government asks Amazon to remove it.
Link To: TPMMuckraker
Documentation –
Time Reference: 27:28
Description: Home page of Alex Jones.
Link To:
Documentation – The Age of Transitions
Time Reference: 49:10
Description: Home page of Aaron Franz.
Link To: The Age of Transitions

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Is the Ponzi Scheme perpetrated by the Corporate Bankster Globalists who puppeteer the US Government being unraveled?

Schiff: US debt ceiling talks in deadlock

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With debt ceiling talks continuing and President Obama insisting on a long-term solution, the US is just three weeks away from a financial collapse. International investors such as the Chinese and rating agencies are already concerned, so what happens if Washington doesn't raise the debt limit? Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital, talks to RT's Lauren Lyster.

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