Sunday, July 31, 2011

Let Bankster America Fail, The Ex-Pat Movement

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Probably not since the Great Depression, have so many Americans considered alternatives to America. Where could those of us who are looking around go, if we want to be somewhere where the US Constitution applies more out elsewhere, than here in the US? The global corporate bankster elite have tuned the US Government to be parasitic on the American taxpayer, independent minds, and especially the self-employed and small business owners.

We the people don't want to pay for all out wars of aggression. We the people want to have a life. Whether or not you leave, to threaten to vote with your back is a powerful weapon. Use it. Speak out, be heard, consider the alternatives to being a slave to the corporate bankster elite.

The below video contains subject matter, we in the potential, and actual, American Ex-Pat Movement are concerned about.

Cynthia McKinney slams Bill O' Reilly

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Cynthia McKinney tells RT America that the US needs to take care of domestic issues. The financial debt debate has many wondering what is going on with the US financial situation. Many are demanding that the US stop spending on the wars and bring that revenue home to help with domestic issues. Does it make senses to spend billions of dollars on our defense when we are so close to default? Cynthia McKinney, former US Representative and target of O' Reilly, tells us what's really going on.

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