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Military Occupation and Policing of Homeland USA

Image of US Military Police [found here], click on image for full size.

It is in no way American to have military police out arresting civilians, out and about, in the US. The military was never intended for domestic law enforcement. Hunting, and killing, civilians on Obama's hit list is a real possibility. Military detention, interrogation, and torture seems to be the new reality in the United States of America. Why are taxpayers funding their own abuse? Why is the US becoming the new Soviet Union as far as being corrupt, abusive, and not representing the will of the people?

Checkpoints, the TSA, and Homeland Security lock down of the entire country seems eminent. The Martial Law slow takeover has begun before the Patriot Act was even passed. Blame the offshore bankers, and blame the lawyer mafia who sold their soles, and now want to sell yours, along with everything else that used to be yours.

Even if you can't stand Alex Jones, please listen to what is presented in the below video.

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Busting Posse Comitatus: Military Cops Arrest Civilians in Florida City! - Alex Jones Tv

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Kurt Nimmo
July 28, 2011

In Homestead, Florida, Posse Comitatus is dead. The Air Force now responds to civilian crime in the small city, population around 30,000.

Military "crime stoppers" violate Posse Comitatus in Florida. Photo from Homestead ARB website."Here at Homestead Air Reserve Base we have the Crime Stop hotline that allows anyone either on base or off the installation to anonymously report a crime," explains the Homestead Air Reserve Base website. "If you know of a crime that has been committed, if you see a crime in progress, or if you see a suspicious person, vehicle, or situation that makes you feel a crime may be occurring, call the Security Forces Crime Stop Hotline..."

On July 15, military police -- known as Security Forces patrolmen -- detained a criminal suspect at a Circle K in until Miami-Dade police arrived.

"Crime prevention is everyone's responsibility, the better informed we are the safer we can make the installation and the surrounding community," said t. Juan Lemus, Security Forces Police Services Chief.

Crime prevention off military bases is the responsibility of civilian police, not the military. In 1878, following Reconstruction, the Posse Comitatus Act was passed. It limited the powers of the federal government to use the military for law enforcement. The statute prohibits Army and Air Force personnel and units of the National Guard under federal authority from acting in a law enforcement capacity within the United States, except where expressly authorized by the Constitution or Congress. has reported numerous violations of Posse Comitatus since September 11, 2001.

In 2009, the National Guard provided "security" in Kingman, Arizona. The Coast Guard, under the Department of Homeland Security, is now exempt from the Act.

The military participated in a checkpoint along with Tennessee cops and Homeland Security in April of 2009. The governor and state representatives were not aware of the illegal collaboration when contacted by the Alex Jones Show.

In 2008, the Marine Corps Air and Ground Combat Center and the California Highway Patrol used the Christmas holiday as an excuse to collaborate on a drunk driving checkpoint in San Bernardino County.

Following a shooting in Alabama, the Army was dispatched from Fort Rucker to patrol the streets of Samson in 2009.

Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl called in the National guard to help in "domestic" disputes in 2009. Ravenstahl used a snow emergency as an excuse. He went on television and said "be advised that you will begin to see National Guard Humvees in some of your neighborhoods beginning this evening."

The above represents just a small sampling of the military violating Posse Comitatus. The Act was violated in earnest following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The devastating storm proved to be a beta test for military violations of the law.

Police declare themselves the new government, declaring Martial Law in Arizona town. Complain and get arrested. Police are out to confiscate guns if they don't like the looks you give a Police State official. The budget is secret and police do what they want with your money. It is the new America. Citizens are to be used and serve the police in charge, or else. Jennifer Jones is a rising star in the independent citizen movement for representative government, this blogger's take on it ...

Quartzsite, AZ Mayor Ed Foster: Selective Enforcement by Gestapo Police Chief! - Alex Jones Tv 1/2

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Quartzsite, Az Mayor Ed Foster: Selective Enforcement by Gestapo Police Chief! - Alex Jones Tv 2/2

Follow up videos embedded here, scroll down:



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