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Requiem for the Suicided: Dr. David Kelly

Episode 192, a podcast of the James Corbett Report. Scroll down in post for upload

Dr. David Kelly [found here with Guardian UK story]

Famed microbiologist and UN weapons inspector Dr. David Kelly became the centre of a dispute between the BBC and the UK government over claims that the government had “sexed up” its dossier on Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction in order to sell the Iraq war to the public. He was found dead on Harrowdown Hill on July 18, 2003. It was ruled a suicide. Today we look at the troubling discrepancies, inconsistencies and questions surrounding that official verdict, and broach the question of what secrets Dr. Kelly may have taken to the grave…

For listeners with limited bandwidth, you can download a small, low-quality version of this episode here.

Documentation – David Kelly BBC Profile
Time Reference: 02:28
Description: A brief summary of David Kelly’s life and work.
Link To: BBC News

Documentation – David Kelly Commits Suicide
Time Reference: 07:15
Description: Sky News report on Kelly’s death that implants the main memes of the “official narrative” of the “suicide.”
Link To:

Documentation – Hutton Inquiry Web Site
Time Reference: 17:00
Description: An archival page maintained by the MoJ containing the evidence and findings of the Hutton Inquiry into David Kelly’s death.
Link To:

Documentation – Conspiracy Files
Time Reference: 18:05
Description: Home page for the BBC Two “Conspiracy Files” program.
Link To: BBC News

Documentation – Conspiracy Files: David Kelly
Time Reference: 19:00
Description: Official page for this episode of the program, including a transcript.
Link To: BBC News

Documentation – Conspiracy Files: David Kelly (video)
Time Reference: 19:10
Description: Watch the program online.
Link To: Google Video

Documentation – The Strange Death of David Kelly by Norman Baker
Time Reference: 37:22
Description: A review of Baker’s book on the Kelly case, that includes such tidbits as the fact that the police investigation into Kelly’s death — named “Operation Mason” — actually began 9 hours before he was reported missing.
Link To: Times Online

Documentation – Dr David Kelly: The damning new evidence that points to a cover-up by Tony Blair’s government
Time Reference: 39:08
Description: Police felt compelled to strip David Kelly’s wallpaper in the hours after he was reported missing and before his dead body was found.
Link To: Daily Mail

Documentation – Doctors say government scientist David Kelly was murdered
Time Reference: 39:54
Description: A report from PressTV in 2009.
Link To:

Documentation – Detective who found weapons expert David Kelly’s body raises questions over his death
Time Reference: 43:15
Description: The man who found Kelly did not see much blood at the scene.
Link To: Mail Online

Documentation – Paramedic at death scene reveals concerns over Hutton Inquiry
Time Reference: 43:38
Description: Paramedic at the scene of the death says the body had obviously been moved.
Link To: Mail Online
Documentation – Drug expert claims David Kelly was murdered as he could not have taken overdose
Time Reference: 43:59
Description: “Dr Andrew Watt, an experienced clinical pharmacologist, says he has told Thames Valley Police it is not possible Dr Kelly could have swallowed more than a ‘safe’ dose of two coproxamol tablets because there was so little in his system after death.”
Link To: Mail Online
Documentation – Mystery of the helicopter that landed at scene of Dr Kelly’s death after his body was found
Time Reference: 44:39
Description: The flight logs of the helicopter’s journey have been heavily redacted.
Link To: Mail Online
Documentation – David Kelly post mortem to be kept secret for 70 years as doctors accuse Lord Hutton of concealing vital information
Time Reference: 47:10
Description: Hutton tries to seal up the Kelly post-mortem until all of us are long dead.
Link To: Mail Online
Documentation – David Kelly postmortem reveals injuries were self-inflicted
Time Reference: 48:15
Description: The Guardian reports on the UK government’s decision to release the post-mortem that Hutton had tried to seal. You can read the document via this link, and discover that it contains no breakthrough information about the case.
Link To: Guardian
Documentation – Kelly’s friend reveals he had a disabled right hand and had difficulty taking pills
Time Reference: 49:29
Description: More reasons why David Kelly could not have killed himself in the manner we are led to believe.
Link To: Mail Online
Documentation – No need for inquest on Dr Kelly says PM, leading to anger as Cameron appears to pre-judge review
Time Reference: 50:09
Description: Cameron pre-empts Grieve.
Link To: Mail Online
Documentation – Tony Blair on David Kelly murder
Time Reference: 51:00
Description: War criminal Blair being his usual slimy self.
Link To:
Documentation – Dr David Kelly inquest refused
Time Reference: 52:16
Description: Surprise, surprise.
Link To:
Documentation – Anthrax War: The Kelly Cover-up
Time Reference: 57:43
Description: Excerpt from a documentary that posits some of the possible reasons why Kelly may have been murdered.
Link To:
Documentation – Anthrax War (video)
Time Reference: 59:53
Description: Your homework and mine: watch this documentary to see if it contains more pieces of the puzzle.
Link To:


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This may shed further light on the death of Dr. David Kelly. -
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