Friday, July 29, 2011

Ron Paul on Debt Ceiling

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This blogger, Steven G. Erickson, intends on contacting his Vermont US Senators, Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders, and Congressman Peter Welch on the subject of the debt ceiling.

(This text was placed in their email forms, with url for this post)

[click here] for my previous letter to them, and pictures of me.

What would I do to reduce the debt, and continue the business of governing the United States of America?

I'd cut back the spending on the military, wars, and illegal occupation of the world by at least half, cutting back in tenths at a time, over time. I'd abolish the TSA, DHS Homeland Security, and fire all the corrupt judges, all of them, in all states and federally. I think then, and only then, we the people could actually get some representation for our taxation. The TSA and DHS can become the government, the Constitution null and void, and US Senators and Congresspeople merely a puppet show if they aren't stopped soon.

Police can declare Martial Law and the Patriot Act should be repealed, as police should not declare themselves the government, confiscate guns, and abolish free speech as they have in an Arizon town. [story and video]

Federal and State Officials are steering contracts to friends and organized crime to build, run, and supply prisons, to officially kidnap children, and to abuse the public in a Police State, using tax dollars to pay out 6 figure salaries to insiders, and cops like scumbag Connecticut State Police Officer Sam Izzarelli. Maybe 70 percent on average of wealth, on average, is lost in divorce and about 75 percent of marriage fail. That is proof, alone, of rampant judicial abuse. Judicial abuse harms children, families, small business, and the economy.

I, Steven G. Erickson, was told I could receive a civic award for my contributions to improve life in downtown Stafford Springs, Connecticut, or get prison, lose my daughter, property, and contracting business if I didn't continue date Barbara Sattal who Connecticut State Police had designated to set me up for false arrest as a secret police domestic spy program was to ruin small business owners, investment property owners, and the outspoken who were not organized crime connected. [story] I ask that my elected officials look into this. Former Congressman Chris Shays agreed to look into my case, and that of others who were allegedly placed on the Connecticut Secret Police Arrest on Sight Enemies List if he was re-elected.

He agreed to have a Congressional/Senate Hearing where I could testify.

Government should not block investigations into insiders, officials, police, and members of the judiciary. Judges and officials, such as Barack Obama, should be subject to the same laws the rest of us are, and the same punishments.

It is time to stand up, or welcome to Obama Camp, Comrade.

-stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot Com

Ron Paul "Nobody Wants To Admit The Real Problem & That Is We're Bankrupt!"

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