Tuesday, August 09, 2011

America, The Crime Scene

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Elected officials keep hiring friends to do nothing, or something to do with taking away children, processing you in court, fining you, taking away your cash or assets, or putting you in prison. Do you want to pay insiders 6 figure salaries from your tax dollars to abuse the crap out of you?

Elected officials steer contracts to their organized crime and corporate friends. Politicians then get freebies after, and/or bribes before. The Mafia builds, runs, and supplies prisons, just ask former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland, who loved to get freebies and bribes from the mob to officially kidnap kids from good families, to abuse minorities and average people, to put as many people in prison as was possible. Rigging the courts and allowing police misconduct and brutality is American, right?

What does America actually provide to the world as far as value? How many jobs have been lost? How many factories and small farm barns rot into the ground? Why are the biggest corporations and banks getting all the tax dollars? Why are the self-employed, small business owners, and the independent outspoken the number one target of the US Police State?

It won't stop until we quit funding our own downfall and abuse.

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Gerald Celente: 'S&P downgrade is an Archduke Ferdinand moment'

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The stock market dropped dramatically today - the Dow plunged more than 600 points. Apparently the US lost it's triple a credit rating Friday - it was downgraded by S&P. The ratings agency downgraded Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which inspired the mainstream media headlines across the country. Gerard Celente of Trends Research Group answering the question, where is the country and the global economy heading to.

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New York brokers drinking after Dow collapse

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After Dow Jones lost more than 630 points today, Wall Street types filled bars to ease the pain with heavy drinking. Will see if their hangover stops markets from crashing Tuesday morning.

Is America Pre-Revolution?

Are we in The Great Depression 2.0?

Journalist Naomi Prins: BLACK MONDAY!! 1/2

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Alex also talks with author, journalist, and former managing director at Goldman Sachs, Nomi Prins, about the economy and the recent S&P downgrade of the United States.

Journalist Naomi Prins: BLACK MONDAY!! 2/2


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