Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Are Corporate Banksters conducting a secret Bio War on YOU?

Image of upside down burning flag with UK Guardian story on desecration of the US flag [found here]

Even if you don't like Alex Jones style, the topics can be looked up and researched. I suggest that you do. The FDA, EPA, OSHA etc aren't out to protect you, they're out to protect the interests of the mega global corporations while they attack outspoken individuals, independent people, the self-employed, small business, and anyone who gets in the way of Big Oil, Big Pharma, Corporate Banksters, and/or the heroin and cocaine running Military Industrial Complex.

Do the mega bankster corporations want to play God and rid the Earth of races and groups of people deemed unnecessary, unusable, and inferior? Is Mass Murder for profit? Is having a home garden not using genetically modified Monsanto type seeds now illegal?

Infowars Special Report With Mike Adams: The Huge Secret GMO Cloning Program 2/4

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Aug 2, 2011

Alex talks to Health Ranger Mike Adams about the recent announcement of a huge secret cloning program, attempts to take over the food supply via GMO, and the increasing number of SWAT raids on family farms and producers of natural foods.

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Paul Craig Roberts latest article re-posted here with this blogger's comment to piece at bottom:



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