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Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton Heroin Trafficking Scam Exposed?

Image of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton [found here]

If the ridiculous, staged for television show where Obama and Clinton pretended to be viewing the illegal extrajudicial killing of Usama (or Osama) bin Laden in Pakistan, was staged, why?

Insiders allege the ten year war in Afghanistan was to make US Government, corporate banksters, war contractors, and CIA rich on the heroin smuggling trade.

If Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama lied, staged a fraud, what are they covering up. If they are covering up some sort of racket, shouldn't they be prosecuted under RICO?

Should Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton be investigated for their alleged ties to heroin and cocaine drug smuggling, conspiracy, murder, fraud, obstruction of justice, war crimes, and lying?

When you are out on the public airways and what you say is true, the figures who are guilty of what they are accused of, they are silent. If you spread lies about a public figure your shelf life is very limited, you get prosecuted. If what you say is true their are covert means to deal with you. I'm surprised that Alex Jones is allowed to live.

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Deaths of SEAL Team 6 Exposed!

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Infowars is on the record reporting that members of Seal Team 6 died in the so called OBL raid. The government admits that a super secret helicopter did crash during the OBL raid but says no one died, our intel is different. We predicted that the spin doctors would stage a crash or when a real crash took place that they would say the SEALs died then. This is a old trick that governments all over the world have been caught pulling in the past. Some speculate that Obama had the team killed to cover up what really happened; however our intel does not point that way. The Pentagon may have blown the helicopter up on the ground on the night of the raid and we cover that in the above video. Lastly the globalist MSM is reporting that terrorist have taken credit but that is notoriously filled with disinfo, like in the Norway attack when a fake terrorist group took credit and the media ran with it.

Sources: Seal Team 6 Was Murdered

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The SEALs team has reportedly been extremely angry about the fabricated OBL raid and ready to talk. Alex Jones to bring sources on air tomorrow LIVE at 11 AM CST

Alex Talks to Colonel 6 About Navy SEAL Team Crash in Afghanistan

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Questions raised by the SEAL Team 6 deaths in Afghanistan

Madison Ruppert
Aug 7, 2011

In the deadliest day of the almost decade-long war in Afghanistan roughly 30 members of the American Special Forces, most of which belonged to the Navy's SEAL Team 6, were killed in a Taliban rocket attack.

A total of 38 people were killed in the crash, including 7 Afghans and an interpreter. However, it is being reported that none of the SEALs killed were part of the SEAL Team 6 operation that resulted in the execution of Osama bin Laden.

Due to this fact, I think that much of the jumping to conclusions on this issue is unwarranted at this stage.

It took minutes before the Internet was ablaze with chatter about the deaths of these American commandos. Much of the speculation surrounding this was because of the assumption that some of the SEALs were involved in the Osama bin Laden capture/kill charade.

Of course the conjecture was that these SEALs were killed to keep them quiet about their involvement in killing (or not killing) Osama bin Laden.

Without a single confirmation that even one of the team members was involved in the raid itself, I am not comfortable making this statement.

That being said, there are some points in this story that raise some red flags for me. None of these are conclusive and with so little information about the actual individuals killed in the crash, I do not believe that we should come to any concrete conclusions just yet.

This is very much like my analysis in the wake of the Breivik terrorist attacks in Norway: I caution the reader to take note that I am mulling over what we know now to give you the analysis I can present at the moment.

This is very likely to change in the coming days and weeks, but I think it is one of the primary duties of the alternative media to start drawing connections and analyzing events right away in order to spur independent research and investigations. Without pointing out inconsistencies and questioning what we know, we would make no progress towards the truth.

With that disclaimer out of the way, I will raise some questions that I think need to be answered. If you have a military background and can answer any of these questions please do not hesitate to contact me at I would sincerely appreciate your expertise and I will use your comments to publish future articles.


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