Saturday, August 06, 2011

Corporate/Bankster/Government War on Small Farms and Healthy Food

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There is all out corporate/bankster/government war on the self-employed, the independent, small farmers, and small business. The FDA, HUD, Homeland Security, OSHA, EPA, IRS, etc have been given extra money to further harm the nation by going after a necessary part of the economy.

Right now there are beer wars going on in Massachusetts. Small Brew Pubs, brewing beer, which are already licensed under the small farm license, are under attack by the corporate puppeteered government. Individuals who have invested a million dollars, or more, may lose their investments. Their employees may lose their jobs. It is corporate farm and Big Beer war on us. Representative Picknally is fighting for the small guy according to a radio report I heard yesterday. I invite him, or interested parties, to contact me to expose this subject to the world in an article posted on We can do an interview to post. Please contact me:

stevengerickson At yahoo Dot Com

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For the past several years organic foods have received an increase of attention due to the lack of pesticides and not being genetically altered. Many people are demanding that their food be untouched. Recently a SWAT team arrested farmers for selling raw milk to customers. Is it a crime to drink raw milk or does the government feel left out? Mike Adams, health ranger, first broke the story any tells us why the FDA doesn't approve of this.

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Health Ranger: 'FDA fights organic farmers'


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