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Farmageddon Part 2, preparing for Soviet Style Farm/Land Grab

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Alex Jones has millions of radio listeners. In a recent interview he had with Bob Chapman, many topics were discussed.

Many small farmers are probably stocking up on guns, clips, and ammo. What they aren't storing for water and food from their own land, they're probably stocking up canned and bottled. The fear of military helicopters, with machine guns hanging out the doors, with troops landing to kill all occupants in the farm house is a real fear.

The latest US Government ploy to make all farmers get Commercial Driver's Licenses is pure tyranny. Farmers recognize that. Being inspected at anytime, being invaded, having to get your animals IDs is just too much government intrusion into people's lives. It is also blatant profiteering. When it is to put you out of business in the interest of bankers and corporate lobbyists, it is organized crime.

I lost my rental properties in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, to organized crime, the police state, and the town hall mafia. I was told to sell my properties at a loss to the selectman's more important friends, "or else". [I got prison] for pepper spraying a police informant who had been threatening my life, stalking, and terrorizing me for weeks when he attacked me on my own property. I got prison for this "offense", losing contact with my daughter, most of my family, and losing the sum total of my life's work, including my contracting business built over 2 decades. So, I see parallels in what is going on now.

The only reason that I am alive, is that the Connecticut State Police and cretins in the Connecticut Court System didn't try hard enough to do the job.

So, if you decide to fight back, prison or being killed is a real possibility. I don't advocate that. But, I am not going to lay down my life willingly. I'd be willing to risk dying trying to defend my own life, if I am forced into that situation. I believe in a citizen's right to be left alone, to bear arms, and to resist tyranny. If all shit hits the fan, I would be unarmed, carrying a backpack with the minimal essentials, a passport, and look to just survive long enough to cross a border if I had to.

I fear that two of my friends who died a week apart of "natural causes", were talking about being in, or considering joining a militia. Stocking up on gold or silver, guns and ammo, and/or food can put you on the top of a list to be killed, imprisoned, and/or put you on a secret police arrest on sight target list.

I really don't know what can be done to battle global organized crime that has decades to prepare for their war on us. Some sort of mass, peaceful resistance might be the most effective. Their fear of a mass, armed revolt isn't a bad ace in the hole either ...

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Bob Chapman & Alex Jones: The Fed Leads By Deception 1/3

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Alex talks with regular Friday guest Bob Chapman of the International Forecaster and takes a number of your calls.

Bob Chapman & Alex Jones: The Fed Leads By Deception 2/3

Bob Chapman & Alex Jones: The Fed Leads By Deception 3/3

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