Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Growing Potential for US Race Riots?

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The FBI has used tax dollars to pay race baiters, such as Hal Turner. Why are tax dollars being used to incite citizens to attack each other? If we fight amongst ourselves, we are less of a threat to the organized criminals now running the US.

More police on the streets is not the answer. Civilian Oversight of Police and Grand Juries are the answers. Police want more crime, youth going bad, and citizens fearing criminals. "Crime Farming" and revenue collection is what US police are about. Solving crimes and reducing crime means reduced budgets, reduced manpower, and reduced political power. If the police write their own rules with the courts as a rubber stamp, we get what we have.

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Outside Milwaukee, riots broke out at the Wisconsin State fair earlier this month. It was alleged that hundreds of young black people were attacking white people randomly on the streets. The media has turned a blind eye to these unsettling events. Does this have anything to do with black male unemployment in the area? Bob Donovan, an alderman of the 8th district, tells us what it's like in Milwaukee.

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Racial riots hit Milwaukee

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